Why security and encryption necessary

In this current era of technology, everything we do is directly or indirectly connected to a computer network, from our education system, government, and even our hospital infrastructure. As with everything, there are pros and cons , and whilst the pros of using technology are vast, there is one problem which can negate all the positive .That problem is hacking, done by a computer expert known as a hacker – a people who circumvent computer laws and security to reak havok on computer networks and systems for fun or for purposes which do not align with the owners of the infrastructure they are hacking. Even in recent news, there was mention of a hacking group circumventing a website’s security, gaining very private information , which was used to blackmail the company. After the company declined, the information was released causing a lot of damage personally and corporate damage resulted.
In my travel around the world I have read a few books on security and technology, and a salient point they all make is that we know the problem happening , but who is there to stop it?The questions arises because of the recent years a review of college graduating stats have shown that every year less and less students are graduating from math and technological science courses and thus begs the question who are will help to protect our networks and infrastructure in the future.
Quite often it appears that the same hackers are outsmarting the front line of defence individuals we have in charge of our systems. Without a new set of encryption experts and cryptographers for the future generation, what will prevent these hackers from create shear chaos. This is primarily the reason why RSAplay, uses a security model where all communications between the server and the client is encrypted. For streaming encrypted video utilizing cloud encryption video is the safest and most efficient way to secure and dispense information, you see because the streams are encrypted your data is safe and all points of travel, and because of the encryption protocol used RSA 2048-bit keys even if the RSAplay servers were compromised, your data, music and videos are safe.

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