Video Streaming VS Encrypted Video Streaming

So whats the difference and what is all the hubbub about? Is there such a huge deal between Video Streaming and Encrypted Video Streaming? Well lets compare apples and apples, we’ll list all the differences between each including the pros and cons of both systems. Video streaming,

Video streaming the process whereby content is compressed and is transmitted over the internet or local area network and is shown on the end users screen , whether TV, monitor or mobile device in real time. When dealing with video streaming , there is no wait time for the content to be downloaded

, provided you have a relatively fast connection, the streaming process should begin instantaneously. The content, weather video, or music is sent in a continuous stream of information and is received, process and displayed as it is received. The users using his or her device would need a video player, if it is on a desktop, it would have to be a software application, or mobile device, an app, or third party web player like jwplayer, or custom flash or html5 player. The player does all the processing, and uncompromising from the compressed format which it was sent in over the internet and displays it to the device and audio to the speakers. The pros are videos are played instantly and no need to download, videos can be watched at home on a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Cons include, anyone can capture your stream and see what is being sent, if you use a host then once the video or media is uploaded, the anyone can download or tamper with the media.

Encrypted Video Streaming is the same as video streaming, but with one main difference is that every process is secure, everything that is done is over secure channels, and all media or content, being uploaded, downloaded or viewed is encrypted, consequently negating the possibility of all the cons ov video streaming to be experienced. In the case of Rsaplay the encryption mechanism which is used is RSA public/private key pairs, utilizing a 2048bit key size. There is no visible drawback to using encrypted video streaming, against video streaming , most of the difference can be seen on the back-end, meaning that the servers doing most of the hard work, would have to do more for if the content is encrypted versus if it is unsecured.

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