Video Streaming, the past, encrypted video streaming, the future

As the internet and its usage become more and more saturated by more by people finding new things to do in cyber world, it is certainly prevalent that video streaming or more securely encrypted video streaming have counted for a large portion of that increase,streaming to cellphones, desktops and mobile devices.

The advent of streaming is nothing new, it has been happening for decades, but the main issue with streaming to these devices is that they are streaming in plain, unencrypted format which is subject to hackers to eavesdrop and steal content, or if the host server gets hacked, many videos are leaked and in the hands of unscrupulous people.

In this article, I will be discussing, video streaming and more specifically embedding streaming content to blogs, devices etc, so my focus will be on the secure options which exist when it comes to secure or encrypted video streaming embeddable content.

In general , most websites and hosting platforms will all stream its content in plain, http or unencrypted format. This is primarily because to stream encrypted video is computationally, and cpu intensive, so to have a lot of user connected to your webserver and streaming at once, can be a major problem for the systems administrators because of high server load. So because of this, streaming in plain format is much more attractive and cost efficient especially for starting business projects, and even if the website is protected via HTTPS(hyper text transfer protocol secure), the video streaming will most certainly be transmitted in RTP or HTTP HLS format. But for recent events, the Information Technology sector was accepting of the standard that streaming content be done in plain format to end users, and encryption for streaming and video storage was nothing of mention-able importance and for security, the industry didnt care much if all their was for protection was permission based .

With RSAplay, you can upload videos and they are streamed in encrypted format to your device on any platform, operating system and also through embed players. With RSAplay you have the option of not only streaming content with RSA2048 bit key strength to devices and embeddable players, but also store your videos with the similar encryption strength and not have it encoded on which will save not only on upload time, but you can use the host as a storage solution for backup purposes.

There are also a host of features which are being introduced and to be released soon, they are torrent streaming in encrypted format, so encrypted torrent streaming will now be available from desktop or mobile devices.

Site to site delivery where only if a user uploads a video , then that video can only be played on the site or sites that user authorizes it to be played on.

Watermarking is also a huge area of concern for many users, and so RSAplay is also developing a feature that will enable users to watermark their video content so that if it is stolen or pirated, then they will be able to get recognition,.

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