Video Streaming Sophistication

While there are not many sophisticated streaming platforms which are able to directly deliver to TV directly in terms of video streaming except maybe NETFLIX, HULU and a few others, but there are none that are doing encrypted video streaming directly to TV. Video Streaming has become so prevalent that there are a number of companies buy a streaming media script and then promote the it as a business and then users gravitate to it and the experience is bad, for a myriad of reasons, from latency, slow upload speeds, lack of features,  poor video quality or constant down time.

In the year 2016 the way the public consumes information and entertainment is changing, it went from having to go home at a particular time to watch your favorite TV show, movie or broadcast , but this prove a grave inconvenience for a lot of people and with that need the invention of the DVR was born, no longer were we restricted to the time constraint of broadcast schedule because we could simply set our handy device to record whenever we wanted whatever we wanted. But this solution presented many complications to users because it could get expensive to rent and also because it was a device it has an encrypted storage it was limited, so if you had many TV shows, movies or broadcast set to record, it could run out of space fairly quickly and if you opted for a device with a bigger size hard drive then you would have the same problem eventually, and in addition you would have a higher cost to pay for the DVR with more space. Now those same end users, or consumers are now doing what is called binge watching, no longer are we a) restricted by time when any broadcast starts b)  having to worry about prerecording and running out of storage, there are many sites where your content will stay for a long time some even offer unlimited storage for a small fee and you can watch your TV shows all day long.

It is also important to remember that while video streaming a security risk in associated inherently because the protocol is using unencrypted methods of transmission to deliver content to device of the end-users.  Its is always better to go with a service which offers encrypted video streaming because it not only guarantees the end users privacy and anonymity, it offers the same speed and sometimes even more features that a lot of the sites and services which do regular video streaming. This is even more important for many users who ISP(Internet Service Provider) does pack sniffing or spies of what their customers are downloading , so to protect your privacy it is always better to choose your ISP well, but if you don’t have much of a choice there are companies, like RSAplay which does protect the channels transmission through encryption and also protect the media it is transmitting with RSA 2048bit public and private key which is decrypted on the fly to offer an extremely safe and private experience.

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