Video Streaming Security

Video Streaming Security

First I’ll be brutally honest, there is no real way to prevent piracy, because one person buys its and then uploads and shares it , but there is a real chance we can prevent spying and snooping which In turn can help combat some levels of piracy as it relates to digital media. I believe in today’s world that there are many measure which can be taken to disabuse people of the notion that with video streaming, if you can view it, it can be pirated. In this article, I will be going over a number of ways to protect digital media and the end user.

There are many security measure in place to help prevent against piracy, and if you need 100% security then you would probably need the video to not be played or seen by many people, just keep it at home locked away, for your eyes or a limited amount only. As a side note, there are innovative ways in which certain celebrities prevent their act/stand up comedy from being copied/viewed and distributed illegally and that is to ban the use of phones during the perfomance, but we are focusing on digital content. So lets dive in , the best I’ve see is from the site which does both video streaming and encrypted video streaming . They use a host of methods to increase the difficulty for and one person or persons to pilfer digital content. This is they encrypt the channels of communication from the host servers to the client machine, this way no snooping or interception of the media being disseminated is possible, or if it is, it becomes extremely hard to pull off. The second is that they encrypt the media itself,all files stored on the server are already in encrypted format and cannot be accessed without a private RSA 2048-bit key , so even if layer one is broken and somehow a hacker were able to intercept the traffic being , the files or file would be useless, because the media is encrypted. The thrid layer is dynamic water-marking. While this not a preventative measure per say, it does help identify the digital media, and cannot be removed, so in case layer 1 is broken and then miraculously layer two is broken as well where the files encryption key just happened to be duplicated, and the content decrypted, then the dynamic watermarking is present to identity the rightful owner of the media.

These measure help cut back and in some cases even prevent the level of piracy , and this is a very important step becase security should be the ground level or foundation upon which any good application is built. After you have the security measures in place, then you can build and scale in features. This paradigm can be taken with many different areas of life, but for the purposes of this article let us remain on topic, and consider an example relevant to us.Microsoft’s flag ship product , which is its operating system was built for ease of use first, and because of this many iterations of the operating system had to come rife with security concerns before they could make a decent product, that being windows 7.On the other hand, linux, used for its lightweight design and robustness, is the stalwart behind many big name internet players, because security was what it was built upon and around, then later on,came ubuntu which offered more features geared for eye candy and ease of use.

It is the same with application software, rsaplay was build upon and around eliminating a security risk, and then scaled in , many feaures, like video streaming which it is able to do, because it decrypts media on the fly, torrent streaming and many many more

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