Video Streaming Security

Why is video streaming important you may ask? Why not just upload videos and embed them unto your site and have users watch them without any protection? Well, there are many reasons why security through anonymity and encryption is paramount, for one (and while we do not advocate this) many sites hosting videos and users would like to remain anonymous so that the uploaded file cannot be traced back to them consequently getting them in hot water. For a more prevalent and legal example, there are many people who have load and loads of private video material which they would like to have a backup of but have this paranoid (and sometimes justifiably so) about the internet in general and putting stuff in the cloud because most data storage services or video streaming sites either check what is being uploaded automatically as a measure to aid in averting privacy or they download material because it has an interesting name and  just want to see what it is. There are some webmasters out there who would like them and their users data to remain confidential regardless of what is being uploaded and streamed.

This is where encrypted streaming video and encrypted storage becomes extremely relevant, because uploaders information and particulars are hidden, plus whatever is uploaded cannot be seen or downloaded , or better yet, it can be downloaded if in a highly dubious scenario rsaplay cloud infrastructure is hacked or servers compromised and user data is downloaded, then in this case they will have the files, but cannot view or open them in any capacity, because all files stored are in encrypted format . The secret to RSAplays appeal is that while offering a top tier level of security through encryption, it decrypts all its files in real time, so the user can still be able have a great online experience and not have to download the media.

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