Video Streaming Features

What makes it all worthwhile for anyone to upload their personal files and trust that the host provider offering video streaming and encrypted video streaming service that they are entrusting with their content will uphold its end of the agreement which attracted you to them in the first place. The main attractive feature for most users selecting a streaming hosting platform in 2016 is security. Many choose encryption for that security because it is proven and ubiquitous, thus presenting the safest and most efficient measure of security. But what other features are there which users are looking for that will put a video streaming host head and shoulders over the other hosting providers.

Unlimited bandwidth is key, because many users have very fast internet connection and thus can upload and download at amazing speeds, so being with a host that doesn’t throttle their connection speed is key especially, if they are fulltime uploaders and have a lot of files to upload daily.

Having desktop software available for users, is another key feature of great import for users, primarily with the avid uploders because as mentioned before they have gigabytes upon gigabytes of files to upload daily. So avid uploaders are looking for efficiency as well, so they can select a bunch of files to be uploaded and then have it all go through uploaded to their account and encrypted and converted without any further interaction by the user, so a desktop software or FTP compatible host is paramount.

The host should also allow encrypted video streaming to prevent piracy but also allow embedded links , so that content can be uploaded, and then embed code given back for each uploaded video/media so that it can be placed on the uploaders website so that their users can watch from their site. Also a very important feature is that of specified sites, which works by an uploaders inputting specified authorized sites that files they upload can only be played. This is a very important feature because many uploaders spend a lot of time uploading content and there are others who steal their uploaded content and post it on their own site, so having a feature which allows embed links to be played only on specified sites is extremely important.

Generous storage is also important for video streaming hosts to have because files have gotten bigger and bigger over the years due to quality of the playback increasing, so a site has to offer a lot of free storage for free users to at least try the service to see if they like it, and then enough for it to be worthwhile for them to upgrade their account to premium member.

Video streaming is very important service and is becoming more and more intricate to the way society consumes entertainment, so the site offering encrypted video streaming should also be mobile friendly, so that users can have the functionality they do on a desktop on the go using their phone, ipad or laptop for example

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