video streaming Encryption

Encryption is the new way to secure all your media online, everything is pirated online and there seems to be no real way to prevent this. Especially when it concerns movies and screeners which are used for other celebrities and talk show host and movie critics to view and then critique it on blogs and television shows. Last year and more since the start of 2016 a number of movies have been leaked causing a lot of uproar because of lost revenue in movie sales and DVD rentals. The entire Hollywood fraternity can curtail this epidemic by offering encryption for sites which offer video streaming , encrypted video streaming .It offers the same benefit as simply allowing legitimate users to browse and watch movies but only 100% more secure. How it works is that whenever a file is uploaded, it is then encrypted( there are many different encryption methods available) , the main one being 2048 bit RSA method. After the file is encrypted if the video is going to be played on a video streaming site, then there are two choices. Allow the decryption key to be posted in the embed link so that whenever a user comes to watch the movie and click on the link , it will play automatically, or issue the key to legitimate user through some secure and confidential means, then when they are going to watch the video , they will be prompted for the decryption key which they will enter a movie starts.

This secure method of will prevent piracy of almost any type, because lets say hypothetically, a movie is made, the file or files are then uploaded to to the site with encrypted storage , the file is encoded , then encrypted and prepared for streaming. This offers two levels of security, because if the file is downloaded illegally , then it is useless to the pirate because it cannot be opened, watched or distributed in anyway without the decryption key. The other is that streaming is services are encrypted and to stream, you need the decryption key as well, so if you upload the movie to a encrypted streaming site and create an embed link so users can watch the movies, then each user that comes to the site will need to be issued key because before the movie plays it will ask. This ofcourse is a way less secure method , because anyone can give other users the decryption key and they can immediately view the files online .

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