Video Streaming Catch Up


Encrypted video streaming is becoming more and more common place, and while it is nowhere near replacing the old unsafe way of streaming, through video streaming, we have seen many many big names in the tech space introducing new ways to gain or maintain market share by realizing that there is a new way our generation consumes information, and that is video streaming, and in its safer form encrypted video streaming. Now the tech giant AT&T has announced that in the later part of this year it will release its new feature where it will affords its users the ability to stream TV services like DIRECTV over the internet wired or wirelessly from which ever provider their customers are on, to any device owned i.e desktop laptop,  SmartTV or any streaming device.

They will offer 3 financially conservative packages which will be geared towards their customers who want to partake in getting a premium level content selection with the option and capability of viewing in the go, how they want, when they want and where they want. The service however will have some limitations as it will only allow 3 concurrent devices per session per account, and more importantly, the service will require no renewal service, subscription based model, or any additional hardware.

Very much like rsaplay, which has its own streaming service which not only offers content streaming to computers, on various platforms, e.g windows, linux, MAC, it offers streaming to mobile devices as well, with a app being scheduled for release in the coming months.The RSAplay client application is now downloadable from your media area when you log in, when you click the upload from computer icon, you will see three options. If you are a premium user, you  will have the ability to select and use the “Download Only” option, which is where users can upload content which is not intended for playback, but a user can choose this option if they just want to store their files just to download them again at a later date or unto another device. Or you can choose the second option which is to upload media to stream with fair level of end to end security which means that the files are uploaded encrypted but the channel with which it uses is encrypted, then there is ability to use the third option which is to use the download client which offers complete end to end encryption where it uses both encryption to secure the upload channel, and also RSA 2048 bit encryption which is applied to all files before upload to ensure maximum security.

Now there is a desktop client, we can expect to see all the features being offered in the browser with rsaplay, and I am sure many await the implementation of encrypted torrent streaming, to be offered to the desktop application and then carried forward to the mobile application for both android and IOS devices. There is a lot in store for the company, so lets stay tuned.

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