Video Streaming and TV Networks

Streaming services have been around forever, and though it is still not as secure as encrypted video streaming, there are a lot of video services which utilize this technology. Video streaming first got introduced through DVD media and digital downloads which were being offered by movie companies which were used to promote another movie of visual interest. But throughout the years as the internet speeds got faster and more and more videos became more mobile friendly, services like NETFLIX and AMAZON who a titans in this market space, started investing a lot of cash into private developing their own content and giving the archaic TV network a lot of competition. Although there is a lot of competition and the online streaming services seem to be winning, the dinosaur TV networks are not going away easily, because recently, TV giants like Verizon have since rolled out the own brand of video streaming service, and also have made sure that it is available to users on mobile devices with their own proprietary apps.

When it comes to video streaming, there has to be something that’s standing out about your service. The service has to be different, for example, NETFLIX stands out by having content that appeals to millennials like their award winning TV series house of cards and other hits that can only be viewed on Netflix. There are however other streaming services which are catching up, for example amazon’s platform offers the golden globe wining drama BOSCH and comedy Catastrophe. So it is with even encrypted video streaming services , there has to be a distinguishing factor which compels users to use the service .Even though there are not many websites that employ the features of an encrypted video streaming the security feature alone won’t be as compelling to drive users to change from video streaming services.

This is why sites like RSAplay have a committed team of developers on hand ready to implement new and exciting features daily. From specific website streaming ability, to encrypted torrent streaming, it is these new features which will keep customers happy and coming back as well as new users rolling in daily. And because of the smaller size of RSAplay compared to Amazon, or Netflix, it has the ability to develop and roll out feature on a much shorted basis. There are also a number of features which are set to be deployed on RSAplay’s platform, so stay  tuned.

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