Video Streaming and torrent streaming in Encrypted form

With encrypted video streaming becoming more and more popular because of all the breach of user privacy being happening in today’s world, a lot of users are seeking places to store their content online and not have to worry about it being stolen or viewed without their knowledge and or consent. At RSAplay, their encrypted video streaming platform is a real force to be reckoned with and with the base idea of encrypting media to ensure privacy and decrypting on the fly when that media is being played back. But the most interesting feature which is now coming about torrent streaming, gone are the days when users wanted to watch a movie, so they download it and then play it back at a later date on their desktop or laptop computer, or if they are tech savvy, they transfer it to their mobile device to watch on the go. Then their came along torrents, which offer the same functionality for user s who want to download movies, but they get increased speed and also getting a hub or a one stop location (torrent sites) where they can download all their media, rather than going to various movie sites to download movies, then TV show sites to download series, then music sites to download audio, the torrent sites really brought that easy of use. Now there is torrent stream, where you no longer have to download anything, you have your torrents, plug it in, and stream. Now with RSAplay, there is encrypted torrent streaming available where not only the easy of use of having torrent files are realized, but they aspect of security through encryption is met. Users simply enter their magnetic link, or link to the torrent they wish to stream, and wait a bit while the system downloads the movie and encrypt it in realtime contemporaneously decrypting and playing back for the user.


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