Video Streaming and DMCA

What RSAplay is about is introducing security, ease of use,privacy and a plethora of features to the public audience. For encrypted video streaming and video streaming, accreatively becoming the number one source for video and audio playback on the internet. When it comes to security, it is a very very important detail which users actively try to find out more about a video streaming host before actually signing up or uploading a single file. In my days as a rsaplay support personnel, I cannot begin to explain, how many users connected the live chat to ask about the measures put in place to bolster their security, and bolster the security of the campus itself. For example, users would wasn’t to know how do we deal with DMCA claims, how do we deal with false request, where are our servers and what does one d when a false take down notice has been issued and complied with, how does the file become active again. For DMCA infringement requests received they will be disabled withing 24 hrs of receipt of that request for any infringing video streaming or encrypted video streaming content. For false requests, then after a complaint has been lodged against the offernder, he/she/company will have 24hrs, to explain the allegations made, and rescind their right have content removed. If the offender cannot produce legitimate reasons and is found to be operating malicious in intent, then they and their network will be banned. Some may say well the reasons for choosing a video host like rsaplay is to store pirated or lascivious content. We beg to differ, because even though the media is hidden from anyone unless you choose to share it, once it is shared and it is reported, the offending user is warned and the content removed and title is blacklisted to prevent future offenses. Now there are some who wish to store legal private videos, homemade films, or films for which a legal document is had for being in possession of the media content.

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