Video Streaming

We’ve been dealing a lot with encryption, and secure form of streaming media. Alot of information on this blog deals with video streaming , its best practices and also the secure form which is encrypted video streaming . Video streaming can be found on many sites and is really an unsafe, and unencrypted means of disseminating information(video, music) to the world via a video player. There are infact two ways in which to stream content, you can do it via Downloading the file and playing it progressively, and playing it live or delayed over the internet .Which means that a file is downloaded in chunks and then played from buffer on the end users computer. There are advantages to this method and also a lot of disadvantages, the first advantage being that you wont have to wait until the entire file is downloaded before you can actually watch or start play the content. A disadvantage is that if the file is huge and you have a slow connection to the internet then you will have to sit and wait until a lot of the file is downloaded into the buffer memory to play the file without it stopping and buffering every couple seconds. The easiest way to do this is to build a web server, download a movie file to the root directory of that web server and then create an embed code of a video player, whether jwplayer, windows media player, flash player or even html5 player, which will the use the location of the movie file as a source and then you can hit play. The video will then be downloaded and played progressively, an the contents will be delivered over https, which is just secures the connection between you and the webserver or http, which is just plain transmission of the file in question. So that explains video streaming, but now lets talk about encrypted video streaming.


This secure way of video transmission is simply video streaming, but protected thorough the use of encryption. This streaming works using many different technologies, there are sites like rsaplay use a technology called HLS which streams static media over an encrypted channel of communication. The end user can virtually start watching the file as soon as it begins downloading. It means that a constant stream is being delivered despite the connection speed, so this means that with the steady stream of content being delivered this negates the progressive download phase and info is delivered.

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