Video Privacy with RSAplay

RSAplay is like no other, a web application built from the ground up for cloud infrastructure,taking full advantage of the virtualized environment. It does this in many ways, from the speed and efficiency with which virtual machines are spun up to autoscaling ,which brings up new instances on the fly when resources are needed.By using RSAplay, content producers and curators can maximize the security of their personal content through cloud video encryption which affords them encrypted video streaming, avoiding the complexities which come with deploying your own environment and using the platform as a method of distribution.
RSAplay is an amalgamation of various streaming and download only sites and is backed by a team with over 15 years of playback, encoding, encryption and streaming experience.In and interview with the CEO of rsaplay, Mr.Reid had the following to say.”Here at rsaplay we have worked with a plethora of high ranking, high profile companies, and are please to report that we have a 100% satisfaction record , thanks in no small part to the people behind the scenes, the administrators, developers,QA team , we are able to provide and will continue to provide a high quality experience”
As mentioned previously, this cloud based service , is built for on demand usage, for the man on the go who just wants to upload and encrypt personal videos, to the company running video tutorial websites with millions of students. Using a cloud-based model, not only brings with it performance efficiency but cost as well. Using AWS as its platform a model of paying for what is used, brings with it the circumvention of capital injection which is normally need to start most businesses .Because rsplay is software based , it can be used on many different platforms from a personal computer, using your browser, or using its sleek java based application. It can aso be ran on mobile devices irrespective of the brand(providing its a android or iphone based device) .obut also
“I have been working with RSAplay for over 4 years” says CEO , B.Reid and the most fulfilling recommendation I have gotten is that of Eric Blazer, VP of Technology CNBC Sports Group, and I quote “RSAplay is one most significant break technological through we’ve had on the internet in some time, and it is a step in the right direction, especially with piracy violations rampant.”

Watch this short video below about the need for video privacy, and reasons why.

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