Video Portals and privacy

Video portals? What exactly are they .Well video portals are simply web hosts, or websites which feature UUC or user uploaded content, weather done professionally as in by a company or expert for commercial purposes or by an amateur. There are some portals that offer a wide range of video clarity in both SD (standard definition) and HD (High Definition), SD is normally 240p, 480p and HD goes from 720p to over 1080p.Many portals feature a variety of ways to watch the video content, some via web players(using Adobe Flash, or HTML5) , stand-alone applications and to TV sets. There are some television devices which are able to stream content from video portals directly to our homes, devices like Apple Tv, Digital Entertainer by Netgear.It has been statistically proven that when end users are consuming videos of less than 5 or 6 minutes, they prefer viewing on a portable, hand held and mobile devices .
The Salient Pointers of Video Portals:
1) Always on connectivity for devices streaming from the web portal ,using a variety of protocols, ranging from http to https . If the web portal is a regular web host then all communications to and from the web portal is unsecure however there are some web portals which use cloud video encryption that do encrypted video streaming .
2)The feature of File Management System is incorporated in all web portals, so all users will be able manage the content they upload. Some features include, mass editing, folder creation,deletion and more.
3) For web portals to be popular, it has to be user-cerntric and part of the way it achieves that is by creating pleasant user experiences from the outlay of the site to the ease of use of features and graphics.
4)Privacy, Privacy Privacy, it cannot be stressed enough. If you have the most graphically appealing web portal, with the most features and the easiest to use, it means nothing because your users will not feel secure if their privacy is not a paramount concern for web portal operators.
5) The best way to get ahead in any business and to stay ahead is to find a problem and create a fix. After you create that fix, then stay relevant by always evolving and creating new features.The best webportal available today are able to do this (check out youtube and rsaplay)

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