Video encryption

The most easy, hassle free and enjoyable of distributing data from one point to the next is via video. No other communication channel affords captivating, and efficient target reach as this form or multimedia, and its security since its prominent rise to fame is absolutely paramount, especially to organizations. Why so? Well we all need to have our data secured and encrypted fro, hackers and would be pilfers but for organizations the stakes are even that much higher. Say and organization has offices across the world and is holding weekly meetings via video conferencing, in these meetings sensitive information is traded back n forth, and if the stream managed to be compromised then that data in the wrong hands could cost the company irreproble damage. The same can be said for an on demand video services like rsaplay , an encrypted streaming platform offering cloud video encryption, video privacy is the backbone of such application services where users gain access to certain files which should be maintained.

In the case organization example where they were transmitting video for a video conference, the only way for that company to know or ensure that their privacy is maintained is for encryption to be used .Encrypting the stream will mask the real content scrambling the real information which would make it hard for unauthorized personnel to gain access to the video and steal or intercept the content which would pose a problem for the organization. Encryption not only provides an ironclad way for privacy but to also provide protection from theft., not to mention the time it would take to actually crack the content if in the event it was taken without authorization..That is one of the many benefits of encrypted content, it will take a lot of processing power and time to even come close to decrypting or cracking it, making it an ideal deterrent against hackers. Ah yes, the beauty of cryptography, the beautiful science of protecting data through masking/scrambling the real content making it in effect unreadable without first having to decrypt or decipher the originally encrypted media. Encryption basically has to deal with making the content in question unreadable to unauthorized individuals which may seek to use the contents of the media for ill. Powerful web applications like RsaPlay , specialize in such services where all media is encrypted with a 2048bit RSA public and private key ensuring maximum protection for your data .Conversely to gain access to encrypted data if you are an authorized user, one has to decrypt .Cryptography has played a major role in communication, and it is said to have gained notoriety during the period of world war II, the alied forces intercepted a message, and gained advantage after braking personal message. In todays world, encryption and various other security methods have become common place and is it my belief that in the coming days encryption will and should be a mandatory process, after all , it only makes the experience more secure, and not taking away from performance. You see, when data is unencrypted anyone can gain access and view it, this is know as plain text, but when data is encrypted it is known as cipher text


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