Video Encryption VS Encrypted streaming

In today’s wirte up we will touch on the need for VPN, it uses and how it stacks up against encrypted video streaming applications like RSAplay, parametrized by the use of a VPN to protect your identity while streaming or watching videos online.

VPN stands for virtual private tunnel, it is most commonly purported to be the ideal way to browse the internet and partake in internet practices without leaving a digital footprint which can be traced back to a real destination safely and flawlessly, until this past week. What changed was that ProstoVPN has since this week revealed that a prevalent issue with the VPN application which could actually circumvent the anonymity aspect of using the popular tool unless the requiste steps are taken to remedy the problem. Speaking with representatives from the major VPN provider the regaled that “just a couple weeks ago we uncovered a security flaw which could allow any attacker to potentially discover the true ip address of the vpn client if the ISP of that client allows packet forwarding”

few weeks ago we covered a security flaw which allowed attackers to uncover the real IP-addresses of VPN users, if their providers allow forwarding on their network. The news ofcourse created major panic on a global scale because of the popularity and dependency on the VPN application, however, there may be more VPN vulnerabilities, because this week ProtoVPN discovered another flaw which affects users having either a direct connection to the internet or are behind a router and have UpnP(universal plug and play) port forwarding enabled.So with all these issues surrounding this ubiquitous piece of application for identity masking, how does it stack up against other application like a cloud video encryption source. Sources like RSAplay, will protect your identity and there is no way a hacker or attacker and circumvent or thwart the application from working.And not only is your identity preserved, but also your content, and the connection to the web application is 100% encrypted, providing you 100% annonimity and also 100% security through end to end encryption . This feature can be taken advantage of for free, no need to register or sign up, the only drawback is that your content is not preserved, the storage you would be using is what we call ephemeral storage, so once you clear your browser’s cache then all the data will be lost.

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