Video Encryption and Storage

With main steam multimedia companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime revolutionize the way we watch movies and series security is becoming more important with the continuous increase of digital communications on the Internet.

The threat of identity theft and cyber crime can be costly these days. There Is no question opting for a secured encrypted cloud storage is a feature that cannot be ignored.

Hence with increased digital documentation of lives such as audio, text and videos, protection of these assets and valuables places high consideration on the applications used to secure and minimize intrusion.(See more about encrypted video and encrypted video streaming )

For many starting out there’s cloud storage option such as Dropbox, Boxcrptor, Icloud and skydrive for example to store personal and sensitive data. While these online storage do offer encrypted cloud storage and security service for free, a few might be will to pay more for a high end encryption software.

Unfortunately do bear in mind that while your taking the reasonable precaution against malware and phsihing attacks, your still vulnerable to losing sensitive data, as they can still be transmitted via email.

However still not sold, and you’re very concern about your data but want to take advantage of paying for cloud encryption software take a look at these great encryption tools Folder Lock, Advanced Encryption Package Pro and Dekart Keeper are ranked the best money can buy.

The bonus is that the best data encryption software that offers additional security features that are not aspects of encryption such as file shredder which completely annihilate deleted files so no recovery utility can resurrect it.

The time of the cloud is now, as you begin to transport your data, while its easy, simple and cheap to drag and drop your actions on any cloud data device still be mindful of your security and privacy, after once your data is uploaded to the cloud its really out of your control, you’ll have the peace of mind that’s encrypted.

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