Using RSA Encryption to Secure Video

Streaming video: When did it come about and how has it evolved over the years? Streaming video or encrypted video streaming occur in many forms and via disparate platforms. Many people are used to streaming video because of YouTube and various sites on the internet and use the term loosely, but streaming refers to the way in which the video is sent, between the host and the client(the viewer watching the content). While it should be noted that YouTube does allow the streaming of live content, our point is that users were made aware of the capability to watch videos over the internet because of YouTube and because they are able to watch these videos from an online source they call it streaming. Encrypted video streaming is basically using HLS technology, to stream static (non-live) content over and encrypted channel and also encrypting and decrypting the content in real-time. The information is being decrypted on the fly because the media that is being played is in an encrypted format stored on cloud encrypted storage .

RSAplay uses RSA public/ private encryption keys to secure the media and decrypt’s on the fly to offer the safety garnered from encrypting your media when transferring, to streaming music and videos of any type. Watch the video below for more information of how RSA encryption works.

On RSAplay, you have a variety of ways in which to watch encrypted streaming video. Once you have a link (with this link you need to have the public key as well in order to decrypt the video in real time) you can watch the video once you are on the downplay of rsaplay, you can also watch the video in RSAplay’s stand-alone client application, with the application is currently available on windows machines. A mobile version will be release followed by other operating systems, and finally you can watch encrypted media stored on RSA from other site though the embed code the site issues, many people add rsaplay videos to blogs/websites in order to access video with more ease for their users
Where did all this come from you may ask? Interestingly enough, television sets were broadcasting initially, and then after the advent of the internet technology and protocols were invented in order to offer the similar capability. And although the internet never sleeps, television stations never stop broadcasting, broadcasting till someone tunes in. Like RSaplay which can be stream to a plethora of platforms, TV can be watched on various platforms as well, phone, iPad, computer. There are some TV stations which allow their regular programming to be broadcasted/streaming over the internet and from their personal video player which can be embedded as well. Information through streaming video can be a way to impart information that is both convenient and efficient. Encrypted streaming video offers the best of the sharing information age, because info can be shared via steaming that is secure and void of tampering and piracy. Cloud video encryption is the way of the future, safe easy to use and private.

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