upload secure media

The internet. A vast and complex inter-network of computer systems and hardware technology used to keep us in-touch and connected around the clock. The purpose of this network is varied, but among the most common reasons are entertainment and information inquiry. Information is gathered and disseminated through various ways and means, but the top form today is through video, sites like youtube have one of the highest traffic ranking in the world only to be bested by google , a search engine where people go to seek information daily. As discussed in previous article about the difference between encrypted and unencrypted videos and their advantages and disadvantages. But in this article I’d like to talk to you about the ease with which you can upload your own video, share content and be apart of the millions around the world providing education or entertainment for the internet at large.

In many sites you visit that allow you to upload any kind of video material,the process can be completed in just a few steps, and even though these steps are quite simplistic, many habitual up-loaders require a more automated process ,and so there are many software programs built to aid in the automation process up-loaders seek when deciding where to upload there content. While the easy of use is a important factor for consideration when up-loaders are trying to decide where to store and share videos, up-loaders are becoming more aware that security and privacy has a vital part to play in their consideration. For ease of use merged with security and privacy when uploading media, I have found that rsaplay seems to be the best place. The upload process is simple, the upload channels are encrypted , the encrypted method is RSA keys 2048bit, the media is stored on cloud encrypted storage , the streams are encrypted and encrypted in real-time all using the HLS technology.

Rsaplay uses cloud video encryption to process and protect your media and deliver it in the most secure methods available. Apart from offering an easy to use browser application, they also have a client upload application that offers even a higher level of security because unlike the web application, where even though the upload channels are encrypted, the upload content is in a raw format during this stage and it isnt until the media is encoded, then it gets encrypted. The way the standalone client app works is that it encoded and encrypts everything before it goes to the encrypted channels and start the upload process.

Many people will take video clips with their phones and upload the video straight to similar upload sites and are oblivious to the dangers in doing so. When uploading content to other video hosts or file hosts, you are leaving the privacy of your content to the level of deviousness the administrator of such a site possesses. When in its unsecured format, the video can be video, share, manipulated or even doctored without your knowledge or consent..It is time up-loaders become aware of the dangers in upload unsecured content.

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