To Stream or To Download

For many internet users, it gets harder to gain access to content, so they may wonder where it is one may get the latest TV show or part episode to view or stream online. While there are many streaming video sites, there are not a lot of sites which offer encrypted streaming video clips and encrypted cloud storage. At the time of this write up there is currently only one source, a place where you can view videos, share videos, listen music, all in an encrypted format online.
We all love videos, they are informative, entertaining, and sometimes comforting. But all videos are, is just a set of various types of images bundled together in order and played from a local source. Streaming video however the same process is but playing those images over the internet or network (private or public) from a remote source i.e. For more security when the above mentioned process is used but the images are encrypted and the source where the images are played from is from an encrypted source in the cloud using cloud encryption i.e. .There are not many places using this type of streaming process as it is more time consuming to code or setup from an infrastructure point of view. The benefits however are easily seen both for the users and the providers of such a service. We will get into these benefits in another article at a later date.
To download? Or To stream? That is the question. To each his own, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but it is undeniable that streaming encrypted videos afford convenience conflated with 100% security. I can imagine that as this process gets more ubiquitous, then there will be more places offering this service.I compare streaming and encrypted steaming to http and https .There was a time when http, the unsecure protocol was more prevalent than the secure version, https. But today, as more and more people are concerned about security and privacy, you find that https is become more default if not mandatory in some cases. Streaming videos unencrypted is the most common way of delivering content , even the television networks constantly play encrypted streaming videos .A lot a people don’t realize that the stream is unencrypted or unsecure, and a lot won’t even care. Because there is no harm that may happen to the end user with the television set, but doing so online is a whole other ball game. Streaming, from unsecure sources, can result in malware injections, pop up ads with pornographic content or worse. The safeties option you have now is, to go with streaming content over secure channels and from a cloud source offering video encryption .

The best thing about rsaplay is that it offers this level of security to anyone.You can upload and share content securely and privately as well.Users have two options, to upload via web browser or to upload using a client application. All content is encrypted before it is upload to rsaplay servers and once uploaded, is storage in the cloud offering RSA 2048 bit encryption.Content streamed from RSA is encrypted and is dynamically decrypted on the fly which offers the end user a secure, clean, private experience

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