Streaming Encrypted

From a technical standpoint, there is no way to download streaming media. When we speak of streaming, we are referring to a live broadcast. There are many sites that claim to stream, but all they do is play back media from a source .Sometime that source is encrypted and the playback is called encrypted streaming from a cloud video encryption source .It is a misconception that people think that downloading video clips from popular sites, like YouTube is downloading streaming media, and there are even sites that charge a premium for access to media played from storage and call It streaming, but this isn’t streaming. That is just using a video player to playback content, streaming refers to, as we have said before, the broadcasting of live content, content happening in real-time. An example of this is your television broadcast, it is streamed sometimes which means showing events happening currently, there is no replay , button, no way to pause stop and start live stream, simply because it is current. Consequently this means there is also no way to download live streaming.

There are solutions however to the dilemma some users may have when it comes to recording streaming content to playback later. There are software’s out there that actually capture the streaming media in real-time and at the same time save it to your hard drive so you can share it through social media, file hosts etc. At the time when the streaming media is captured and saved , it then becomes available to us to stop , playback, rewind etc.

A lot a websites offer streaming videos of live content, and a lot other sites offer video playback that can be watched online and also downloaded. One distinct difference which we can use to identify streaming media and media playback, is that when we click play on the video player, if the video takes time to start then the video has to be downloaded piece by piece and then showed or displayed on the side of the end user. With live streaming, the video or content starts immediately, once the connection is made the streaming begins and the content is rendered. People planning on becoming webmasters should be aware or familiarize themselves with this distinction, because it can be a turn off to technical users and based on that a bad reputation can ensue and diminish that websites user base. It should also be noted that streaming doesn’t have to connote live content, because not everything the television shows, is live and yet it is streamed. Your TV doesn’t download the content, your TV doesn’t have a hard drive for this purpose, yet media is delivered to your Television by streaming the content already downloaded by the station.
The benefits to streaming media versus playing back media is vast. Not only is there is a distinct speed advantage for the user viewing the media, but there is also a matter of ease of access. Because the media is streamed the browser we are using to view the content, doesn’t have to have specific software like flash, or divx etc.

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