SSL Certificates

In 2015, it is completely unacceptable for sites housing user data, transmitting and receiving information or where any kind of commerce is being done to have unencrypted communication channels or visible proof of authenticity. I will touch on one such proof of authenticity and basic security, the use of SSL certificates. What is a SSL cert? How does it help protect my information? , guarantee authenticity of a website. And how can video or cloud video encryption hosts utilize this basic measure of security to undergird its reputation and security model. There are many different types of SSL (Secure Socket Layer Protocol) certificates on the market today and perhaps the most important reason to purchase one is for the peace of mind of your users, a place where they can feel free to visit and conduct business and not have to worry about contracting a virus or being subject to some cybercrime.So what really is a SSL certificate? It is basically a technological security protocol that provides an encrypted channel between the server and client.(in this case the rsaplay website and the users).So once a connection is made with rsaplay that channel is secure, when creating an account , when uploading media, and even when viewing or downloading media.It is all 100% encrypted and secured.All browsers have the capability to interact with secured web servers using the SSL protocol. However, the browser and the server need what is called an SSL Certificate to be able to establish a secure connection.
So how does it work? All browsers will inheritly have the ability to create a secure connection, but fot that to happen it needs a SSL certificate.SSL certs, like RSA certificates, have a public and private key pair, and these keys work in tandem to create a secure connection.To get a certificate you first have to create what is know as a CSR on your webserver, this process also creates the private and public key pair.You then send the CSR to the CA(certificate authority) which contains the public key.The CA then works it magic using the CSR to create a data structure to match your private on your server (PLEASE NOTE, the private key is never sent)

SSL provides the ability cloak of all information(usernames, passwords, credit card details) and prevents hackers from intentionally listening to the channels that information is sent across and intercepting it.But even more SSL is the protocol that dictates how algorithms should be utilized and for rsaplay, it decides how variables of the encryption mechanism being used for download links, encrypted video streaming links the data from those links are being transmitted.
SSL costs may vary from cheap ones being 12.00 to reaching up to $1000.00 or more. Why the chasm of price difference? Well the reason is that some certificate authorities have been around for ages and because of they tend to work across multiple browser platforms and thus are well trusted by many, so of course you will pay a premium. Some certificates are chained or directly signed, and neither presents a disadvantage in terms of efficiency as along as the company selling the certificate does own the root cert. SSL certs cost different amounts also, because different level of cert presents a different level of assurance to the user that you say who you are and that their data or information transmitted is secure. Other reason that come into play which can cause the SSL cert to sky rocket, for example is that certificate companies claim that they can provide a more enhance security protocol between your website and the customers computer and also work with legacy devices.

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