Oh my how far we have come. Looking back on the past , issues prevalent today would be of no concern to and investing in such things as data protection, software backup, firewalls, intrusion detection systems would be laughable at best. But in year 2015 we more than ever have the need for privacy that can only come from security. From individuals to large companies we cannot escape the implementation of this practice, because individuals suffer from identity theft, leaked information causing damage, and companies data theft, DDOS, hacking and more.
Many leading companies are getting into security from Mozilla, google even Apple.The issue is such a poignant topic that users will refrain from using a particular service because the privacy model is not safe. It is the same for hosting companies, users know that when they upload their videos to these hosting entities their media is at the risk or mercy of the administrators as they can choose to delete, view, sell, pirate your media at will.That is why companies like rsaplay are becoming more and more popular, with the introduction of cloud video encryption, your media has never been more safe.Not only is the connection you use to upload your data secure, but your media itselfs gets encrypted, thus preventing prying eyes from doing whatever they want with your data.Encyrpted video streaming is a beautiful thing, as it merges all the functionality, ease of use of regular streaming with security that gives you privacy and anonymity.check out the video below:

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