security in encryption

The reasons for uploading your video to the internet maybe varied, you may have the need to keep an extra copy online or share the video with friends and family not local. However there are concerns when one is seeking to embark on such a task, example, is the host of the uploaded content of good repute and will not view your media, or worse, use your files in way which may cause you embarrassment.
In this age of social media, and mobile technology, we all have the need to create video content and share it.There are some sites that will accept the captured video content directly from your mobile device onto the site and stream it immediately, but more often than not , you will have to upload the video to a site which will convert the media to a streamable format give you a link and then that link( to the video on the host’s site, or a embed link which you can post on a remote site) you can share or post on popular forums or blogs for public viewing. The issue with what we have discussed thus far, is that it is unsafe, because anyone has uninhibited access to your media .At RSAplay, they offer all the same functionality of a regular host where you can upload all you media and have it converted, but with one major difference, security. RSAplay offers cloud video encryption and because of this all your media is encrypted , and stored on encrypted cloud storage , so no one has access to your media uninhibitedly. Even if the host website was compromised and hackers were able to pilfer your data, it would be still useless to them, because to view the contents , you would need the RSA key.
Many sites operate differently, and at times it does become a head spinning ordeal to decide which video host to use when considering to upload and share your captured moments. Ofcourse the most important thing is your privacy, and in that regard choosing RSAplay is the best option for you. But there are other factors which should be considered before your decision is made. The major one being, who becomes the owner of your content once it is hosted on the uploading site, so making sure you read the terms and conditions is paramount. Again this precautionary measure will not have to be taken when using a cloud based host offering encrypted video streaming as RSAplay because all your media is encrypted.
So clearly there are grave disadvantages to using un-encrypted uploading sites, because potentially your media will be owned by the site where you have uploaded it, and because they now own it they can make money from your media by copying it into their account and monetizing the video/music through the number of view that are generated. Use your uploaded content as apart of their advertising campaign and promotional endeavors. So all in all the merits of using a website which utilizes cloud encryption is far reaching , and if one values their privacy as I beleive any sane person does, the choice is obvious, use RSAplay.

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