RSAplay video streaming

Video Streaming is nothing new, and is more and more becoming an everyday part of life, from using desktop computers to mobile devices on the go. There are many websites out there offering video streaming services but not all are truly streaming hosts, and what they do is allow the users to download the video , and as the video is downloaded played while it is in transition. There are a few ways which you can actually identify these pseudo streaming services. If the content does not start relatively quickly then you can be sure that the media is not being streamed, at rsaplay , they use a technology to not only provide true streaming service through HLS, but also they offer encrypted video streaming , this cloud video service has a number of features and also will be implementing a lot more. This video encrypted cloud platform offers security like none other, it has two main ways of uploading and viewing content, firstly there is the browser where you can download and upload securely and anonymously, you can also download our java based application which allows you to do everything you can when using the browser, but with even more security. With the browser, all channels are encrypted and offers the uploader security, but for a brief a moment in transition when the file is being uploaded, there can be a potential for the files being uploaded to be intercepted,and while this is very very unlikely, security analyst would argue that if it is possible even with the most minute of possibility, then it is a flaw in the overall security of the system. Even though, no outside person will be able to view or intercept the stream, it is possible for a rsaplay employee who knows what they are doing and has access to the server and is in the right place at the right time, to maybe capture the stream and view what is being sent to the servers. This is only possible while the files are being encoded, because the files need to be encoded to be played by the video player and also to be displayed in various quality 240p, 480p, 720p 1080p etc. But there is an alternative, with rsaplay java application there is no point in time during the transmission of the files where the content is not encrypted, not just the channels are encrypted but the content itself is secure through encryption .

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