Rsaplay new features

RSaplay is fast becoming a house hold name for cloud video encryption and used for delivering encrypted video streaming
and having a wide variety of features and perks many professional up-loaders and casual end users will find attractive.The main one being the large amount of storage, which is currently at a whopping 250GB per user for free users and for premium members unlimited, yes unlimited storage capacity.Before we delve more into the awesome features, lets talk firstly on what is offered to everyone.As the premiere place for encrypted storage and playback in kind, rsaplay offers always on privacy model and encrypts all its data with 2048bit RSA key encryption which guarantees your media privacy.But that isn’t the secret sauce, what is , is the ability rsaplay application has to decrypt video on the fly while streaming. RSAplay offers cloud client application which works just as the browser, you can upload anonymously, with 100% security downloads for premium users and stream rsaplay videos and music by entering a link and pressing play.For premium users, they can do anything on the site except upload and download files other than stream-able content, for music files (mp3, midi,ogg etc) and for video files (avi, mov, mp4, flv etc) , regular users are only able to stream content, no downloads. A nifty new feature is one where files can be re keyed, this is useful if your content link has fallen into the wrong hands, and they are distributing it and offering it to be viewed by others, you can re-key the content so the viewers will need to get the new key to access the content.A new feature that the developers of RSAplay is domain control, what this does is prevent the links you upload and embed on your site to only be played on your site.So if you upload a movie, and embed the video player on your website, then someone comes along and tries to steal the embed code and use it on their website, then it will not work.However it should be noted that this feature is only for premium users, regular users are able to upload content and get embed links and post it freely, but will not have the ability to prevent their content from being stolen.

RSAplay is working out to be an all encompassing web application which ensures user content security thus ensuring absolute privacy .Lastly we mention the anonymous accept of uploading and security, RSAplay has it all.

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