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Let’s talk about cryptography, specifically encryption and the myriad in which we can utilize this process to make out personal information more secure. This article will discuss a two ways which we can use to secure through encryption strategies our data.
1) RSAplay website
2) Cloud video Encryption stand-alone application
Let us first discuss what is RSAplay. RSAplay is a website which geared toward providing cloud encryption, streaming and downloading for media files. What this means is that on their website you can upload media (music and video) and have it encrypted, stored in an encrypted format and then streamed (which involves decrypting the video or music on the fly and displaying the content via the html 5 web player) to the end user. Gone are the days when you upload video and music to sites and have them being pilfered, altered, disseminated without your knowledge because your content is not only stored on encrypted storage and playback is done to the encrypted media in real time, but the data is so secure it uses RSA -2048 bit RSA keys to protect your data.
The other method, is the stand alone java client application from RSAplay. This is a stand-alone client app, which can only be installed on windows machines at the moment, the company has plans to roll out applications for Linux and MAC OS, as well as mobile applications for IOS and android phones. With this app, unlike the web application, the data is encrypted on the installed source before being uploaded to RSAplay cloud servers, so this means that there is 100% true encrypted privacy. With the web application, if the system administrators of RSAplay were of a profligate mindset, they could artfully sniff the streams of the data being uploaded to their servers (which would be a complex task in itself) But with the client app, it is all encrypted and secure before even reaching RSA infrastructure
Will encryption prevent others from accessing my content?
The purpose of encryption was never intended to make data so inexorable and prevent access, but it was to make it harder to gain access so that the task of trying to gain access would be so cumbersome, that hackers wouldn’t even try. With that being said, there are some level of encryption standards which would take us a indefinite amount of time and likewise under minable amount of hardware and processing power to crack or access. For example, with RSAplay, they use a standard key pair encryption system of 2048 bit to protect your data that is so strong it could take years upon years and countless amount of processing power to crack or access any information encrypted by their algorithm.
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