video streaming

Video streaming has existed despite its evolution to what we know now, for many many years now, but it wasnt until recently has it moved over into the mobile space. Before video streaming, was confined to only stationary devices, such as Desktop computers, or Televisions but over the years the technology has improved vastly to where there is even a more secure form in encrypted video streaming .This new method offers the same functionality and flexibility of video streaming with a twist, the twist being that the communication channels are encrypted as well as the content being streamed is encrypted as well and played by cleverly decrypting the content on the fly and streaming it in its raw form via a html 5 player. Video streaming moving to a mobile space means that applications have to be developed to enable this form of streaming to your mobile device, and this has been done and made popular by apps like meerkat and periscope. Now this is of no surprise that Facebook has now caught on and is releasing its live streaming function to the public and not just to its celebrity subscribers. While there is only an IOS application available at the moment, there is talk of an android version soon to be released. Facebook clearly has an advantage though, because with its multi-billion user base this streaming feature’s vantage point is that it is integrated with the Zukkerberg empire. Unlike the apps mentioned above for periscope and meerkat, you dont have to download 3rd party applications to take advantage of the facebook streaming, because it would be accessible through the facebook application. Also noteworthy is that, rsplay will be coming out with its new applicaition as well. This app, is for desktop devices, specifically windows desktop devices only, but linux and MAC OS will be next followed by apple IOS the google android. The distinct difference is not only does streaming happen securely, there are host of other unique features which attract a lot of users and gives this app its popularity. Anonymity is a popular feature, because it allows users to uploading and streaming is in total privacy, but the crowd enticer is the encrypted torrent streaming,this allows users to stream their favorite music or video torrents in encrypted form on any device and any platform. This revolutionary app will not only change how we view content in the future, but it will offer ease of use which is literally next to none.

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