RSA encrypted streaming

Primarily when we speak of data encryption it is usually parametrized by data encryption and authentication methods. Despite the many different encryption techniques available, there are some which have been generic in their development , but they do not work efficiently when it comes on to encrypting multimedia, main reason being that the images and data on video and music is too great and makes encryption inefficient..RSAplay has devised such and encryption model that works efficiently and 100% secure. All video or music uploaded or transferred to and from RSAplay application is guaranteed powerful always on encrytion and total privacy. Since 1977 the main encryption algorithm has been DES, but in the year 1988 it was shown to be vulnerable to brute force attacks , and various cryptanalysis techniques to circumvent privacy. So it wasn’t till after this need for more robust encryption was realized that new encryption standards were developed and several ciphers were put forward as proposals such as AES,3DES,MARS,Serpent Two Fish, blowfish, IDEA, GOST and best of all RSA.When content is uploaded to RSAplay, this cloud video encryption host makes sure there is always a secure connection between the RSAplay servers and the device where the upload is coming from.RSAplay utilizes a 2048bit encryption key public and private to encrypt and decrypt all content .

Because there is a secure connection between rsaplay application and all devices, the streams are encrypted and also the content, this prevents your data from being intercepted during any transfers and also if they are download because against all odds the rsaplay servers are compromised then your data is still secure because the data itself(video, music) is encrypted and cannot be available without a key for decryption.


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