Private Video sharing

We are now ¾ of way through the year 2016 and more and more is security becoming a paramount concern not only for online businesses and websites, but also for the users of the website and patrons. Encrypted video streaming is the best and most secure way to protect users on video streaming, video sharing and private video sharing sites. With websites like RSAplay, the site encompasses broad spectrum security and so its users , owners and anyone involved can rest assured that their privacy is well thought about and protected via a number of means. RSAplay, boast that it offers one of the most secure and private web experiences on the internet, from its SSL encrypted website which offers users safety and security when browsing their web content or for any transaction which is being carried out, for example, purchasing of premium account or withdrawing money from the affiliate programs on the site. There is also instant encryption which can be done before any content is uploaded , which offers 100% security from eavesdropping or ISP snooping. This also protects against pilfering of the media being uploaded from internal parties of the company, such as the administrators or owners. It should also be noted that any media encrypted can be decrypted on the fly enabling video streaming process to still be fulfilled even on encrypted media.


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