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To Stream or To Download

For many internet users, it gets harder to gain access to content, so they may wonder where it is one may get the latest TV show or part episode to view or stream online. While there are many streaming video sites, there are not a lot of sites which offer encrypted streaming video clips and encrypted cloud storage. At the time of this write up there is currently only one source, a place where you can view videos, share videos, listen music, all in an encrypted format online.
We all love videos, they are informative, entertaining, and sometimes comforting. But all videos are, is just a set of various types of images bundled together in order and played from a local source. Streaming video however the same process is but playing those images over the internet or network (private or public) from a remote source i.e. www.youtube.com. For more security when the above mentioned process is used but the images are encrypted and the source where the images are played from is from an encrypted source in the cloud using cloud encryption i.e. www.rsaplay.com .There are not many places using this type of streaming process as it is more time consuming to code or setup from an infrastructure point of view. The benefits however are easily seen both for the users and the providers of such a service. We will get into these benefits in another article at a later date.
To download? Or To stream? That is the question. To each his own, and there are advantages and disadvantages to both, but it is undeniable that streaming encrypted videos afford convenience conflated with 100% security. I can imagine that as this process gets more ubiquitous, then there will be more places offering this service.I compare streaming and encrypted steaming to http and https .There was a time when http, the unsecure protocol was more prevalent than the secure version, https. But today, as more and more people are concerned about security and privacy, you find that https is become more default if not mandatory in some cases. Streaming videos unencrypted is the most common way of delivering content , even the television networks constantly play encrypted streaming videos .A lot a people don’t realize that the stream is unencrypted or unsecure, and a lot won’t even care. Because there is no harm that may happen to the end user with the television set, but doing so online is a whole other ball game. Streaming, from unsecure sources, can result in malware injections, pop up ads with pornographic content or worse. The safeties option you have now is, to go with streaming content over secure channels and from a cloud source offering video encryption .

The best thing about rsaplay is that it offers this level of security to anyone.You can upload and share content securely and privately as well.Users have two options, to upload via web browser or to upload using a client application. All content is encrypted before it is upload to rsaplay servers and once uploaded, is storage in the cloud offering RSA 2048 bit encryption.Content streamed from RSA is encrypted and is dynamically decrypted on the fly which offers the end user a secure, clean, private experience

Savvy video streamers


Whether you’re savvy with your phone or camera and have spent days harnessing your art, you have cumulated edited and unedited valuable materials; well a encrypted video streaming web site can be a great investment, whether you prefer to share, hold or delete those entertaining, instructional, personal footage.

These do it yourself gurus are scouting the internet looking for encrypted video site to secure and distribute encrypted video streaming all vital components site such as RSAplay subscribe to.

As affordable high definition portals becomes substantive, users are stimulated via the internet are showing more passion for encrypted video as the Internet connection speeds continue to improve. This is a no brainier as you stand a much better chance of “going viral” than you do with a 500 word article. But here’s where encrypted cloud storage comes in handy, while you should not disregard any form of media in your effort to reach the masses, its best recommended that consider to what a encrypted streaming video web site can do for your popularity.

Social media platforms such as Youtube, Vines and even Instgram have revolutionize the way how millions from all over the world connect. Why not tap into this well harnessed connectivity and attract the typical crowd over to your own personal encrypted cloud storage for greater exposure. Here’s how to do it:


Create an eye catching package detailed focus on content and presentation.

Its said millennials has the attention span of a gold fish, which is quiet unfortunate at times. Yet what ever the reasons they tend to spend hours on the internet viewing videos. Perhaps you’re one of whose have been taking this route of sifting through countless hours encrypted videos. As you navigate the traffic of social media videos just for laughs. Showing your quirky, upbeat and entrepreneurial spirit will impress and attract perspectives viewers. There’s nothing inherently marketable about a amateur video unless it’s sensational, however all it takes if for the right traction to attract it becoming viral. In this era of instant gratification people have acquired a sense entitlement at accessing the very best at all times, be it the high definition, fast speed and quality video production. With this in mind is good to always invest in quality editing tools, camera and software.

Locate your target group

Just as Netflix and Amazon Prime has movies and television series have ratings, as to how the market their encrypted videos streaming, it also good to identify and piggy back on similar videos utilizing video encryption internet. Your best interest lies with networking on social sites viewing the reviews to gage their feedbacks. Monitor your results for increase or decrease in posted activities, if there’s any negative feedback or lack of enthusiasm from your intended audiences losing interest in your video content,


Produce frequency.

Sticking to social networking sites will gradually improve your chances of attracting users. Even if you’re not able to create fresh contents; makes sure the video produced for streaming are of high quality, making great materials and merging security though cloud encryption. All these factors as providing compelling, through provoking and highly entertaining contents generates traffic from social media. Upon reflection as video streaming may create the next internet sensation.

The use of social media for encrypted cloud storage and video stream is particularly useful if one was to look at it from the perspective of the millennials whom the internet pervades every aspect of their lives.

encrypted video

With numerous privacy breaches and violations of security threats prevalent 2015, making use of encrypted video streaming is frequently less difficult and prudent compared to downloading the video or music file . There are alot variables associated with reasons behind why some of us need more security in terms of encryption, but alot of it stems from regular people wanting privacy and safety from prying eyes. The point has to be made or realized that even though there are alot of individuals new to computer, we all need to take responsibility to update our knowledge and savvy technologically to better suit our needs .One way to do this is through learning how to stream videos.Tthe use of streaming video, is a far less laborious task compared to downloading the video, primarily because it comes with many different challenges eg( you may download a virus, you dont have the correct media player, you dont have the proper codec)

Sites like rsaplay, conflate security and ease of use by offering its users encrypted video, because it is hard for some users who have trouble downloading videos and music for playback.A salient example is if a user downloads a media file and the computer chooses to save the file somewhere else from where the user is looking.This can be very frustrating , and streaming the content becomes a much more appealing resolution to the problem.There are no downloaded files to find, no location or download folders to remember, streaming the media is as easy as just pressing play

Lets get into detail on how to utilize encrypted streaming video and video encryption.Simply go to the location of the website which offers this capability(Presently there is only one website that offers this RSAplay) .You will be brought there from a link to the media someone has previously uploaded, and when on the website, click on watch.You will have two options, to watch or to download, click on watch, because in order to download you will need to have a premium account.After you click on watch, a video player will pop up on your screen and all you have to do is click play.You have access to a glut of features, play, pause, rewind, fast forward, watch in high definition or standard definition.Another feature that is utilized is called caching, this works to benefit the user streaming the media.Because the file is being played a number of times already, it is rendered faster and will take alot less time than downloading.This is just another advantage of streaming encrypted videos, once the video has already been streamed from the cloud encryption source, the media can be stored in cache and played or streamed faster without the hassle of more connections being made by rsaplay servers

Obviously, none of this can be possible without first being connected to the internet, because that is where the file is going to be streamed from .This might be the only advantage of downloading a media, rather than streaming it. Downloading you need your internet connection for the duration of however long the file takes to complete. After the file has been downloaded, providing you know where to locate it, you can watch the file as many times as you want, with or without and internet connection. Streaming on the other hand, you will need an internet connection at all times, no matter what you want to do, rewind, fast forward etc. Because the file is being controlled or operated on encrypted cloud storage somewhere other than your computer , you will need to have access to that location and the only way to do that most times, is via the internet.
From novices to professionals, streaming video is the future of playback not to mention the advantages it presents to mobile users as well.Visit us soon for a write up which we will present highlights all these facts

Secure Video Experience

When most people think of video encryption, they’re probably thinking of protecting their data from prying eyes. While this is a very popular reason to have your videos encrypted, it still doesn’t protect you from being hacked. With many cellphone home videos, people are easily paranoid; with daily reports of corporate hacking, data breaches and government spying, many are seeking better ways to protect their data.

 The market for better cyber solutions that protect and defend global industry and infrastructure is rapidly growing, and as the business enterprise evolves to meet the networked demands of today’s mobile and cloud economy, these threats will grow in size and scale. Yet many are clueless and some don’t even care, as long they are getting their money’s worth.

There are many aspects to securing a video stream; also known as encrypted video streaming authenticity, integrity and privacy being the most important. For those who want it; there’s a growing crop of encryption tools for texting, browsing sessions, videos and phone calls.  Users generally download apps or install software which scrambles the content being sent. The belittling reliability of many older encryption practices and techniques has further emphasized the importance of using a reliable file encryption software.

 These days, file encryption software utilizes advanced encryption technology such as Advanced Encryption Standards AES. For casual users there are a few trusted encryption software available in the market, so you don’t have to worry about complicating the encryption process for yourself.

Video Encryption and Storage

With main steam multimedia companies such as Netflix and Amazon Prime revolutionize the way we watch movies and series security is becoming more important with the continuous increase of digital communications on the Internet.

The threat of identity theft and cyber crime can be costly these days. There Is no question opting for a secured encrypted cloud storage is a feature that cannot be ignored.

Hence with increased digital documentation of lives such as audio, text and videos, protection of these assets and valuables places high consideration on the applications used to secure and minimize intrusion.(See more about encrypted video and encrypted video streaming )

For many starting out there’s cloud storage option such as Dropbox, Boxcrptor, Icloud and skydrive for example to store personal and sensitive data. While these online storage do offer encrypted cloud storage and security service for free, a few might be will to pay more for a high end encryption software.

Unfortunately do bear in mind that while your taking the reasonable precaution against malware and phsihing attacks, your still vulnerable to losing sensitive data, as they can still be transmitted via email.

However still not sold, and you’re very concern about your data but want to take advantage of paying for cloud encryption software take a look at these great encryption tools Folder Lock, Advanced Encryption Package Pro and Dekart Keeper are ranked the best money can buy.

The bonus is that the best data encryption software that offers additional security features that are not aspects of encryption such as file shredder which completely annihilate deleted files so no recovery utility can resurrect it.

The time of the cloud is now, as you begin to transport your data, while its easy, simple and cheap to drag and drop your actions on any cloud data device still be mindful of your security and privacy, after once your data is uploaded to the cloud its really out of your control, you’ll have the peace of mind that’s encrypted.

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