Video Streaming Security

Video Streaming Security

First I’ll be brutally honest, there is no real way to prevent piracy, because one person buys its and then uploads and shares it , but there is a real chance we can prevent spying and snooping which In turn can help combat some levels of piracy as it relates to digital media. I believe in today’s world that there are many measure which can be taken to disabuse people of the notion that with video streaming, if you can view it, it can be pirated. In this article, I will be going over a number of ways to protect digital media and the end user.

There are many security measure in place to help prevent against piracy, and if you need 100% security then you would probably need the video to not be played or seen by many people, just keep it at home locked away, for your eyes or a limited amount only. As a side note, there are innovative ways in which certain celebrities prevent their act/stand up comedy from being copied/viewed and distributed illegally and that is to ban the use of phones during the perfomance, but we are focusing on digital content. So lets dive in , the best I’ve see is from the site which does both video streaming and encrypted video streaming . They use a host of methods to increase the difficulty for and one person or persons to pilfer digital content. This is they encrypt the channels of communication from the host servers to the client machine, this way no snooping or interception of the media being disseminated is possible, or if it is, it becomes extremely hard to pull off. The second is that they encrypt the media itself,all files stored on the server are already in encrypted format and cannot be accessed without a private RSA 2048-bit key , so even if layer one is broken and somehow a hacker were able to intercept the traffic being , the files or file would be useless, because the media is encrypted. The thrid layer is dynamic water-marking. While this not a preventative measure per say, it does help identify the digital media, and cannot be removed, so in case layer 1 is broken and then miraculously layer two is broken as well where the files encryption key just happened to be duplicated, and the content decrypted, then the dynamic watermarking is present to identity the rightful owner of the media.

These measure help cut back and in some cases even prevent the level of piracy , and this is a very important step becase security should be the ground level or foundation upon which any good application is built. After you have the security measures in place, then you can build and scale in features. This paradigm can be taken with many different areas of life, but for the purposes of this article let us remain on topic, and consider an example relevant to us.Microsoft’s flag ship product , which is its operating system was built for ease of use first, and because of this many iterations of the operating system had to come rife with security concerns before they could make a decent product, that being windows 7.On the other hand, linux, used for its lightweight design and robustness, is the stalwart behind many big name internet players, because security was what it was built upon and around, then later on,came ubuntu which offered more features geared for eye candy and ease of use.

It is the same with application software, rsaplay was build upon and around eliminating a security risk, and then scaled in , many feaures, like video streaming which it is able to do, because it decrypts media on the fly, torrent streaming and many many more

What is Streaming Video

Video Streaming Explained 

Video streaming is a mono directional video transmission method over a data network.Its main purpose is to view video clips or vines and movies directly from the internet on the end users device, which can be a desktop computer, tablet, phone or even a TV( a desktop computer can also be used to stream video collections even from another server located in the home, or remotely over the internet in the cloud. All that would be needed for this is a server with large storage from which to pull the movies)This is a totally different concept from videos which are downloaded on your computer and then you play them at a later date. Streaming video or video streaming is actually when the video content is played immediately after the user presses play. What actually happens behind the scenes is that a small chunk of the video is downloaded in buffer memory, and from there is processed by the video player which is not stored on the computer’s hard drive permanently.

 Buffering Process

So the downloaded video is now in the buffer and playing, but then it starts to glitch, which is a term commonly known as buffering. This happens because the movie which is being video streamed or downloaded in chunks at a time and being played by the player, the internet connection cannot download more chunks fast enough to keep up with the rate at which the player is playing the downloaded chunks in buffer. This glitch or buffering can be really annoying and the only way to solve the issue is to either get a faster internet connection or to allow enough of the video to be downloaded so it can be played by the end users video player at a consistent rate eliminating the need to buffer. So to make the process a success both client machine and server need to be working in tandem so everything is smooth. What is happening is nothing new, streaming has been around for centuries, but its prevalence has is now ubiquitous because of its ease of use and its inexpensive modus operandi respective to a storage perspective. When streaming video and audio the content is being disseminated from a media-server, and is then processed and encoded or decoded by the video player or a web plugin (if you are doing browser based streaming, which is just watching videos over through the browser) into a form which it can understand, the server and end-user player work together to offer the smoothest broadcast of the information possible. Streaming has become extremely common because of recent booming services like Netflix, and hulu, which is used for video transmission and on the audio side, the likes of spotify, BBC radio one and

While we have come to love and accept the ease of use and convenience streaming brings, lets not forget that we also need the process to be secure.This is where having our content encrypted comes in and we will shed more light on that in the next article, so stay tuned for more on encrypted video streaming

Video Streaming is Everywehre

While there are a plethora of website and video applications that enter the market offering various artifice streaming capabilities like video streaming to mobile devices, video blogging, streaming content from the comfort of your home, securing the data and connections being used to offer streaming capability has become more and more important. Securing video streaming can be done in many ways, for example, securing the connection between the client and the host video application over encrypted means using hyper text transfer protocol secure(https), or by using token based authentication where by tokens are created and used to accept users after verification using password and username, or by offering encrypted video streaming , which means, the content is stored on encrypted storage, and the media itself is encrypted using encryption standard (RSA, AES etc) .The content is stored on cloud based encrypted servers and encrypted content is decrypted on the fly while being streamed to the clients home network, computer or mobile device. There exist other ways by which security of streamed media exist, like protect content using a software based approach called DRM and other novel ways of video streaming security such as DW which stands for dynamic watermarking. DW simply involves inserting an identifier which is unique to the uploader in the video content to help thwart piracy. It should be noted however that dynamic water-marking does not prvent piracy, but it does help to the up-loader’s work to be readily identifiable no matter where the content is posted or played. This helps in piracy prevention, because when piracy occurs, there is always lost revenue and sometimes ownership disputes at time arises and with this pain staking legal battles can ensue and court cost can be astronomical. We have spoken in great detail about how to protect against piracy and prevention of intrusion detection in previous articles.

There are many ways in which streaming video video can prove useful, no longer will it be just used for pure entertainment purposes, but areas in the work place for example can make frequent and purposeful uses of this method of disseminating information. Ofcourse a more secure method has to be used in organizations, as sensitive content will be streamed, so encrypted video streaming would be more ideal in this situation. An example for this would be Microsoft integrating video capabilities into office 365 product and although will have certain charateristics of user content video streaming, such as services like rsaplay, youtube and google, it will be confined to intra-house content only, meaning it will be only available within a organizations intranet, and available to whomever the IT administrator grants access within the company. The best feature about this is the video infrastructure will all be cloud based, which means the organization doesn’t have to shell out more money for infrastructure to adapt or incorporate this feature in their workplace, because everything will be in the cloud .After the video content is uploaded, the video will be transcoded by microsoft which will enable it to be streamed on demand using Azure Media Services and from there employees will be able to watch from their work computer or mobile devices connected to the company wireless network video streaming

Video streaming has existed despite its evolution to what we know now, for many many years now, but it wasnt until recently has it moved over into the mobile space. Before video streaming, was confined to only stationary devices, such as Desktop computers, or Televisions but over the years the technology has improved vastly to where there is even a more secure form in encrypted video streaming .This new method offers the same functionality and flexibility of video streaming with a twist, the twist being that the communication channels are encrypted as well as the content being streamed is encrypted as well and played by cleverly decrypting the content on the fly and streaming it in its raw form via a html 5 player. Video streaming moving to a mobile space means that applications have to be developed to enable this form of streaming to your mobile device, and this has been done and made popular by apps like meerkat and periscope. Now this is of no surprise that Facebook has now caught on and is releasing its live streaming function to the public and not just to its celebrity subscribers. While there is only an IOS application available at the moment, there is talk of an android version soon to be released. Facebook clearly has an advantage though, because with its multi-billion user base this streaming feature’s vantage point is that it is integrated with the Zukkerberg empire. Unlike the apps mentioned above for periscope and meerkat, you dont have to download 3rd party applications to take advantage of the facebook streaming, because it would be accessible through the facebook application. Also noteworthy is that, rsplay will be coming out with its new applicaition as well. This app, is for desktop devices, specifically windows desktop devices only, but linux and MAC OS will be next followed by apple IOS the google android. The distinct difference is not only does streaming happen securely, there are host of other unique features which attract a lot of users and gives this app its popularity. Anonymity is a popular feature, because it allows users to uploading and streaming is in total privacy, but the crowd enticer is the encrypted torrent streaming,this allows users to stream their favorite music or video torrents in encrypted form on any device and any platform. This revolutionary app will not only change how we view content in the future, but it will offer ease of use which is literally next to none.

video streaming with RSAplay

Guess what day today is? Well if you are a techy/Geek, then you’d most likely answered, Data Privacy Day. For all my regualr readers , this is a day when we take timeout to to bring awareness about privacy and protecting users personal information. This day is a day that not only serves as a reminder, a reminder for us to never loose sight of the freedom/gift of privacy and security, a freedom which can be experienced in how we share data, most importantly video streaming and encrypted video streaming.

This day had its inception in the United States and Canada in year 2008 of January derived from a celebratory data protection day located in Europe. It all recognizes the signing of the convention 108 in the year of 1981 which was the initial treaty which was binding by law pertaining to data and privacy.

which we celebrate this day is to look at encryption and its uses around the world, and how its used to protect data, secure connections and adhere to anonymity. Video Streaming is one way in which we share information, news, movies, tutorials etc. Popular sites like youtube offer video streaming to millions of people per day , and similarly sites like netflix do the same. This method of data sharing has been around for years, and it offers flexibility and ease of use. Flexibility in that users are able to watch movies on different devices once they have a high speed data connection on a mobile or laptop. Ease of use because , no longer are we restricted by the task of having to download the video content first, now via a video player we can simply click play on the mobile device or laptop and the content begins to play. With the encrypted form of video streaming it all works the same way on the front end as before, but with way more security as all the channels and communication methods are totally encrypted and away from prying eyes. Encrypted video streaming, does have a higher computational foot print on backend servers, because it does more than just offer up media which is sitting on the server or CDN, it is decrypting on the fly the media and presenting it via an HTML5 or flash player to the end user.

More and more sites are moving away from this method of video streaming, where content passed over communication channels can be intercepted and captured by unauthorized individuals at any point in time from any point for deliver to reception.



Netflix Changing to Encrypted Video Streaming

Internet on a whole got some paradigm shifting news about video streaming today, that half of the Internet’s traffic will be encrypted by the end of this year 2016, a report published by many notable tech news organizations. Encryption and video streaming together makes encrypted video streaming which leads to better security, privacy and most importantly anonymity on the world wide web. Encryption, which is the method used to keep content of a digital nature obfuscated from all uninvited or eves-dropping individuals. The use of encryption isn’t something new and by additional reports it is used to protect over 30% traffic on the internet and by the end of this year, we will see that figure doubling or even trippling.

One big cause for this prediction and its bold outlook is because of NETFlix, the leading company responsible for a huge chunk of the internets traffic today, and with over some 40 million subscribers, netflix is the primer source for video streaming not just in the united states alone, but all over the world, this platform is ubiquitous in every sense boasting a compendium of over 10billion hours of video streamed in the past quarter of a year. Netflix accounts of over 1/3 of a streams(or downloads) in north America alone during prime time hours. ISPs all over the globe have branded the streaming service as a bandwidth hog, which explains the response of every news tech organization deemed it news worthy when the streaming giant announced a new standard that it will adopt which is to encrypt its traffic and now provide encrypted video streaming . In a letter to it shareholders, netflix outlined that it will make the move from HTTP to HTTPS. While noting that to make this change will be a substantial cost to the provider which would then be passed on to the customer(yet to be determined), they stated that in the interest of protecting the customers privacy it is imperative that.In contrast to other websites like netflix is choosing to encrypt just the connection made to its servers and , but the media remains in raw form. RSAplay encrypts both the connection to and from its servers as well as the media being streamed is also encrypted. While netfilx indeed has a point where streaming over https does offer some form of protection and privacy against prying eyes, there would be a better way which would be to encrypt everything, both the media or content being played as well as the connection being made to the servers; But this would present just more problems for the host as just changing from http to https is causing the company to upgrade its entire infrastructure primarily because of the added computational power which would be required by all the back end servers would be so grate, the current hardware just couldnt keep up and would crash in minutes.


Features of Video Streaming

Video Streaming or encrypted video streaming is the future, and it is so, because of our incessant need for content, and not just any content, but fresh, new, in high definition, at our figure tips, uninterrupted by ads and available anywhere on any device. This is the basis why streaming has become so popular, and as we have written about before about video streaming and encrypted video streaming , there are features that users will tend to gravitate towards and bring a lot of traffic to you website or business. We touch on briefly about the quality , speed, convenience which should be offered by a streaming service if you wish for it to become popular, but I’ll go into a bit more detail on the some of the advanced features that users are requesting for a video streaming web application to have. From the survey of online users, the most important feature a streaming host should have is that it should be able to be accessed from anywhere, and any device. Syncing should also be a feature which is available but it isn’t found to be an obligatory request or a deal breaker. What this provides is that mobile users will be able to consume content where ever they are and since most users have a smart phone which are becoming more and more powerful, with fast internet speeds this means that mobile users can get a smart device and unlimited data, or a substantial plan that will enable them to stream media seamlessly from their app on a phone. The next feature that will set your web application apart is the power of torrent streaming, this feature is new and not a lot of sites are doing it because of how complicated and resource intensive it actually is to provide a service which is flawless quality and speed in its offering of this feature. Coupled with the ability to watch on the go through mobile devices, if a user can log in to the application on their phone and paste in the location to a torrent, or if the user is able to visit a popular torrent site and download the torrent or magnetic link and then have the streaming service application open and instantly start to video stream . With encrypted video streaming, if that feature can be done as well guaranteeing the users anonymity, security and privacy, then that website would also attract users in droves. For many reasons, users have become extremely hesitant in using websites, and being online. With high frequency we hear on the news about user’s identity being stolen, or their privacy compromised. The web app which offers mobile application, and a way to secure streams through encryption and decrypt those streams on the fly will be a monopoly in the market, because many users have the need to upload personal videos to back up in the cloud and the need as well to access that content on the go and when in its encrypted form.

Online Video Streaming

Welcome to the age of Video Streaming, the society of instant gratification, on demand, encrypted video streaming the now generation . Gone are the days when you would have to schedule time out of your busy day to catch a live event by being present, or spend extra cash on media ( such as bluray, DVDs, ) and watching it being sedentary confined to one location unable to move because you might miss a part of what you are watching. Video Streaming and watching online makes it all possible from the comfort of your home to on the go people, from sports, movies, news, educational videos etc, on TV’s, laptop’s, desktop’s and mobile devices.

There are a myriad of video streaming services and while some are using ready made scripts, and just a clone of each other, there are some that are unique and custom made e.g youtubersaplay,vimeo .Youtube is the most popular, but there are some many sites out there that does the same thing and I do dare to say better. Better features design, and security, security is a prime motivator for user to gravitate towards a service and no one on the market does it better than rsaplay. Encrypted video streaming is the main focus of that web application even though they do all music .

On the topic of streaming, and online viewing, whether at home or on the move, there are a ton of options available to you, on a variety of platforms, some are expensive and some are at a good cost. Some may work with all your devices and have apps for your mobile ones, and others will just flat out only have web browsing. After searching the web, there are a lot of streaming sites which have security features, but be sure they offer what they say they do, and your privacy is indeed anonymous or secure.

In your evaluation, be sure to see if the sites meet the following criteria, streaming quality(how streaming the video looks , whether it has a range of quality values, 240p, 750p, 1080p ). Is the content you are watching original, yes, you can get into a lot of trouble for watching pirated content online, companies like the MPA, hunt you down, get your ip from the ISP and turn up and arrest you. How long the site has been around is also very important, because some sites have premium features and they charge and the last thing you want is to pay for a site and then 2 weeks later, they shutdown. How easy is the site to use, check out how many ways it has to upload, FTP, URL, browser upload or application, whether they have a mobile app, because everything is mobile now,

Live Video Streaming

As we all know the CES recently happened, and there were many guest and guess who was there? Well yea, you guessed it. Fitted with a list of veritable pundits , the title of this years expo, was “Social Streaming: The video phenomenon of Everything”. Video Streaming will very soon be the fulcrum of disseminating information and main source of entertainment, it represents the ease and ubiquity of easily accessible technology and security through Encrypted Video Streaming .With new technology everywhere and coming out daily and sites like Facebook and Instagram is everywhere and streaming happens daily. On the panel were laureates such as R.Pruett Jnr from Al Roker entertainment, D.Berkowitz, C.Hansson, E.Shin, A.DeBevoise, S.Reosenbaum and the moderator being VP of Business Development and Marketing for Tublar Lab, Ms Allison Stern. With a great wealth of knowledge between all our panelist, the well attended session was entertained and awed by the answers, foresight and recommendations put forward by the guest.

From the guests panelist, the sheer breadth of info put forward was great. For example the CEO of MeerKat shared stats that they have over two million verified users in their database and growing steadily, from twitter, their application called Periscope has over 2 million daily hits from active users and mentioned that the amount of daily watched videos, if put into a yearly total will amount to over 40 years for one person to watch all that content. Facebook who is a leader in the social space is also getting into video streaming, and adding functionality integrated into its platform. One major point though was that live streaming, would be controlled by either a brands who have deep pockets to invest into a specific infrastructure thus propelling the cause by having many features, first to market and of high quality or by individuals and be about a social cause and advanced by a community.

Technology and times are changing, our nation is divided as it has always been, because people get old and others are born and grow up so we have a gap at all times and the issue is that some people think that “video streaming” they think of a live show or performance and when other think of the same video streaming they envision a more instantaneous prospect like watching something on Twitch,which is unscripted and raw.

Despite the disparate views of the panel, they were all in agreement that video streaming, is going to low up big and become so common place that it will change the way we view entertainment, but even though they agree on this fact, they don’t go as far as to prognosticate the mtethod or way in which it will happen.

RSAplay video streaming

Video Streaming is nothing new, and is more and more becoming an everyday part of life, from using desktop computers to mobile devices on the go. There are many websites out there offering video streaming services but not all are truly streaming hosts, and what they do is allow the users to download the video , and as the video is downloaded played while it is in transition. There are a few ways which you can actually identify these pseudo streaming services. If the content does not start relatively quickly then you can be sure that the media is not being streamed, at rsaplay , they use a technology to not only provide true streaming service through HLS, but also they offer encrypted video streaming , this cloud video service has a number of features and also will be implementing a lot more. This video encrypted cloud platform offers security like none other, it has two main ways of uploading and viewing content, firstly there is the browser where you can download and upload securely and anonymously, you can also download our java based application which allows you to do everything you can when using the browser, but with even more security. With the browser, all channels are encrypted and offers the uploader security, but for a brief a moment in transition when the file is being uploaded, there can be a potential for the files being uploaded to be intercepted,and while this is very very unlikely, security analyst would argue that if it is possible even with the most minute of possibility, then it is a flaw in the overall security of the system. Even though, no outside person will be able to view or intercept the stream, it is possible for a rsaplay employee who knows what they are doing and has access to the server and is in the right place at the right time, to maybe capture the stream and view what is being sent to the servers. This is only possible while the files are being encoded, because the files need to be encoded to be played by the video player and also to be displayed in various quality 240p, 480p, 720p 1080p etc. But there is an alternative, with rsaplay java application there is no point in time during the transmission of the files where the content is not encrypted, not just the channels are encrypted but the content itself is secure through encryption .

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