Video Streaming Catch Up


Encrypted video streaming is becoming more and more common place, and while it is nowhere near replacing the old unsafe way of streaming, through video streaming, we have seen many many big names in the tech space introducing new ways to gain or maintain market share by realizing that there is a new way our generation consumes information, and that is video streaming, and in its safer form encrypted video streaming. Now the tech giant AT&T has announced that in the later part of this year it will release its new feature where it will affords its users the ability to stream TV services like DIRECTV over the internet wired or wirelessly from which ever provider their customers are on, to any device owned i.e desktop laptop,  SmartTV or any streaming device.

They will offer 3 financially conservative packages which will be geared towards their customers who want to partake in getting a premium level content selection with the option and capability of viewing in the go, how they want, when they want and where they want. The service however will have some limitations as it will only allow 3 concurrent devices per session per account, and more importantly, the service will require no renewal service, subscription based model, or any additional hardware.

Very much like rsaplay, which has its own streaming service which not only offers content streaming to computers, on various platforms, e.g windows, linux, MAC, it offers streaming to mobile devices as well, with a app being scheduled for release in the coming months.The RSAplay client application is now downloadable from your media area when you log in, when you click the upload from computer icon, you will see three options. If you are a premium user, you  will have the ability to select and use the “Download Only” option, which is where users can upload content which is not intended for playback, but a user can choose this option if they just want to store their files just to download them again at a later date or unto another device. Or you can choose the second option which is to upload media to stream with fair level of end to end security which means that the files are uploaded encrypted but the channel with which it uses is encrypted, then there is ability to use the third option which is to use the download client which offers complete end to end encryption where it uses both encryption to secure the upload channel, and also RSA 2048 bit encryption which is applied to all files before upload to ensure maximum security.

Now there is a desktop client, we can expect to see all the features being offered in the browser with rsaplay, and I am sure many await the implementation of encrypted torrent streaming, to be offered to the desktop application and then carried forward to the mobile application for both android and IOS devices. There is a lot in store for the company, so lets stay tuned.

Video Streaming and torrent streaming in Encrypted form

With encrypted video streaming becoming more and more popular because of all the breach of user privacy being happening in today’s world, a lot of users are seeking places to store their content online and not have to worry about it being stolen or viewed without their knowledge and or consent. At RSAplay, their encrypted video streaming platform is a real force to be reckoned with and with the base idea of encrypting media to ensure privacy and decrypting on the fly when that media is being played back. But the most interesting feature which is now coming about torrent streaming, gone are the days when users wanted to watch a movie, so they download it and then play it back at a later date on their desktop or laptop computer, or if they are tech savvy, they transfer it to their mobile device to watch on the go. Then their came along torrents, which offer the same functionality for user s who want to download movies, but they get increased speed and also getting a hub or a one stop location (torrent sites) where they can download all their media, rather than going to various movie sites to download movies, then TV show sites to download series, then music sites to download audio, the torrent sites really brought that easy of use. Now there is torrent stream, where you no longer have to download anything, you have your torrents, plug it in, and stream. Now with RSAplay, there is encrypted torrent streaming available where not only the easy of use of having torrent files are realized, but they aspect of security through encryption is met. Users simply enter their magnetic link, or link to the torrent they wish to stream, and wait a bit while the system downloads the movie and encrypt it in realtime contemporaneously decrypting and playing back for the user.


Encrypted Video Streaming safer than Video Streaming

Video Streaming is most effective and efficient way to disseminate information, and with is ubiquitous prevalence in recent years especially in 2016, where there are many platforms through which you can watch streaming video example, rsaplay, youtube, vimeo and primarily netflix just to name a few are responsible for more than ½ of the world’s internet streaming traffic. So on one hand you have an enormous consumption of the way of taking in media, but you also have so many digital violations interms of crimes being committed, as in phones getting hacked, viruses being sent, traffic being sniffed and intercepting your video, websites being hacked and user content stolen and sold , published illegally or held at ransom. So in anything really, once there is popularity in any area of online, there will always be people/hackers who will be out to reek havoc and create disaccord and anarchy through hacking. That brings us to encrypted video streaming , this is the more secure way of consuming online videos, from movies, clips or even streaming music, anything that can be streamed can be encrypted and distributed in a more secure method which protects not on the content but also the privacy of the uploaders and consumers of the content.

There are many sites out there which can do video streaming , but not many of them can offer true protection,  but some sites can offer true protection , not only through https or ssl for the web portion of the experience , but also protection for the content being uploaded and streaming. This is primarily done, in two ways, and I will go through all the ways in which it is normally done, but will start with the best one first. RSAplay’s method is what I consider  true and safe encrypted video streaming, a user downloads the desktop client unto their device and then selects the content they want to upload and then before the uploading process begins, the file is encrypted with RSA encryption method using 2048 bit key size. After the file is encrypted the media is then uploaded over a secure connection with rsaplay servers to its encrypted storage location, from there the file is ready to be downloaded or streamed.Streaming in encrypted form is quite tricky and very resource intensive process, and making it work glitch free is something that rsaplay does best via decrypting in real time and then streaming.

The other method is in my opinion less secure for reasons I will explain when I get to that section, but a user starts by uploading content in plain format, and then when it reaches the servers it is then encrypted and encoded , and then is ready to be streamed or downloaded. I say this presents a problem because while the content is being uploaded it can be intercepted if the connection between you and the webservers are not totally secure. So my advice is to hear on the side of caution and protect the media before it is uploaded.

How it all began

Over some 20 years ago, the telephone line started made its debut into ours homes after the telephone was developed by Alexander Bell .It was an invention which solved the problem of not being able to communicate with friends in long distances. The prosaic premise of this idea has not changed much despite many advancements in technological are feature of the phone. Since the 21st century, the phone lines which enabled communication to be possible are now being thought about differently, and are being used for broadband internet connections, voip connections, downloading music video streaming, encrypted video streaming and more. Streaming Video(simply just downloading video in chunks and playing the chunks automatically to allowing playing video over the internet) and Encrypted video streaming (which is the same as video streaming but in an encrypted form and the videos are decrypted on the fly and played in real time) has become more common in today’s day and age, we can stream videos online from our desktop computer, and even mobile devices, gone are the days of downloading and requiring a lot of storage to house files. Streaming offers both convenience, because we can now consume media on the go via our mobile devices, and also efficiency because we no longer have to wait for videos to download to watch them or spend money on buying premium accounts in order to download them from various file hosts.
With broadband connections available the concept of communication has not changed, but advancements in technology has definitely changed, now we can stream even torrents in encrypted form as well and all this can be accomplished without having to open a web browser, because RSAplay has a java application through which all functionality can accomplished. It does all of this also with the concept of security and privacy in mind, because through the software your anonymity and privacy of the files being uploaded and downloaded or streamed is protected.


Encryption for streaming

Encrypted video streaming, is the more secure version of video streaming, a protocol which has been used for years to spread information in a fast and efficient manner. Video streaming can be used for many things and is the leading cause for majority of the world’s internet traffic. Gone are the days when users used to download movies, or TV shows and playback on their computer or stream it from their home media center to their televisions. Now is all about consumption on the GO, and watching vines, TV-shows, movies, listening to music, is all consumed steaming, to laptops, desktops, or even mobile devices, no matter the platform , it can be streamed to. And because of this companies who make advertisements are now cutting back on the big TV budget which would be used toward paying for broadcast advertisements and now focusing more on online ads, or digital online marketing campaigns,primary because there is a trend in how users all around the world view media, its all via video streaming applications. It is with this very fact in mind that RSAplay has come out with a online video application that offers the same functionality and features of regular sites with video streaming capabilities but using methods like encryption which makes the entire process 100 times more secure, as well offering along with it anonymity but best of all, it gives the best of both worlds and prevent uncle Sam, or even your local ISP for spying on your content or sniffing your packets to find out what you are actually doing.

You see before anything is upload to RSAplay server, the video , music or any media is encoded and encrypted on spot and then is automatically uploaded to our server, during the uploaded process, data it is impossible to intercept or snoop on the connection with the hopes of redirecting or spying to see what is being uploaded or download or even streamed online. And even if the information was to be intercepted then there still would be no way for the content to be deciphered because it is in encrypted format. RSAplay is also on the cutting edge of technology and offers the very first encrypted torrent streaming functionality, whereby users can come, enter a torrent media link and in just a few moments, have the torrent streamed in encrypted form protecting both the users privacy and offering anonymity due to the fact that the connection is also encrypted.

Some new features that the site is working on are even to have the java application be a mirror for the site, so all the functionality, features and user experience that is gained from using the website, will be able to be experienced from desktop, or even mobile devices. From this powerful app, anyone anc download it from the app store right unto their phone and then upload and stream in encrypted fashion, or not log in and upload and stream anonymous and using encryption , and the same goes for any platform that is available today. The software will be release very soon, stay tuned.

Video Streaming as Good Secure?

Video Streaming or the more secure form, encrypted video streaming are excellent ways for organizations who are involved in content distribution and at the same time look create a spark of exuberance among audience members and to engage more whether through interaction or personalized campaigns in real-time and get analytic in the same format as well, can present you with great metrics which will facilitate the delivery of videos streaming in a more effective and suitable way for your customers.

Because the overhead on the servers (depending on the level of encryption) is so intense , have a secure form of video streaming and that works smoothly is very difficult. The delivery itself can also be very problematic , primarily because of all the different platforms which it needs to be delivered to, not to mention the different format types, and also quality of those formats. This is by no means any small feat, because consumers in today’s online world come to expect very smooth, high quality and fast performing service from any method of content delivery which is chosen no matter the platform and no matter where they are. So now with a more secure , anonymous form of video streaming, the difficulty is increase 10 fold, to offer a seamless, high quality experience online.


In addition to all of these difficulties of quality assurance and optimal performance, we now have to tackle the servers capacity, because this cannot be taken lightly, the reality is that if the wrong servers is chosen or the current capacity of the server of servers cannot match the needs of the user traffic that is being received then the server crashes and seizes to work, which can create negative press for your brand from which it may never ever recover. Because not only quality matters, but also performance and quality all have to be present working together to provide users with a great online experience.

A major feature of encrypted video streaming is not only encryption, but is privacy and anonymity, you see, before a video is uploaded it is encrypted and then uploaded to encrypted video storage, which brings us to an important point, that neither the users nor the up-loaders details are visible. Because there is an encrypted connection created between the audience and the servers, the stream is unable to intercepted and snooped upon, and even if the level of encryption between the server and users were to be broken, the media itself is encrypted , so the content itself is unavailable to be identified. In today’s world were there are so many ways our privacy is being violated, it is good to know that one of the most popular ways for disseminating and viewing information can be both secure and anonymous.

video streaming Encryption

Encryption is the new way to secure all your media online, everything is pirated online and there seems to be no real way to prevent this. Especially when it concerns movies and screeners which are used for other celebrities and talk show host and movie critics to view and then critique it on blogs and television shows. Last year and more since the start of 2016 a number of movies have been leaked causing a lot of uproar because of lost revenue in movie sales and DVD rentals. The entire Hollywood fraternity can curtail this epidemic by offering encryption for sites which offer video streaming , encrypted video streaming .It offers the same benefit as simply allowing legitimate users to browse and watch movies but only 100% more secure. How it works is that whenever a file is uploaded, it is then encrypted( there are many different encryption methods available) , the main one being 2048 bit RSA method. After the file is encrypted if the video is going to be played on a video streaming site, then there are two choices. Allow the decryption key to be posted in the embed link so that whenever a user comes to watch the movie and click on the link , it will play automatically, or issue the key to legitimate user through some secure and confidential means, then when they are going to watch the video , they will be prompted for the decryption key which they will enter a movie starts.

This secure method of will prevent piracy of almost any type, because lets say hypothetically, a movie is made, the file or files are then uploaded to to the site with encrypted storage , the file is encoded , then encrypted and prepared for streaming. This offers two levels of security, because if the file is downloaded illegally , then it is useless to the pirate because it cannot be opened, watched or distributed in anyway without the decryption key. The other is that streaming is services are encrypted and to stream, you need the decryption key as well, so if you upload the movie to a encrypted streaming site and create an embed link so users can watch the movies, then each user that comes to the site will need to be issued key because before the movie plays it will ask. This ofcourse is a way less secure method , because anyone can give other users the decryption key and they can immediately view the files online .

Video Streaming Security

Why is video streaming important you may ask? Why not just upload videos and embed them unto your site and have users watch them without any protection? Well, there are many reasons why security through anonymity and encryption is paramount, for one (and while we do not advocate this) many sites hosting videos and users would like to remain anonymous so that the uploaded file cannot be traced back to them consequently getting them in hot water. For a more prevalent and legal example, there are many people who have load and loads of private video material which they would like to have a backup of but have this paranoid (and sometimes justifiably so) about the internet in general and putting stuff in the cloud because most data storage services or video streaming sites either check what is being uploaded automatically as a measure to aid in averting privacy or they download material because it has an interesting name and  just want to see what it is. There are some webmasters out there who would like them and their users data to remain confidential regardless of what is being uploaded and streamed.

This is where encrypted streaming video and encrypted storage becomes extremely relevant, because uploaders information and particulars are hidden, plus whatever is uploaded cannot be seen or downloaded , or better yet, it can be downloaded if in a highly dubious scenario rsaplay cloud infrastructure is hacked or servers compromised and user data is downloaded, then in this case they will have the files, but cannot view or open them in any capacity, because all files stored are in encrypted format . The secret to RSAplays appeal is that while offering a top tier level of security through encryption, it decrypts all its files in real time, so the user can still be able have a great online experience and not have to download the media.

Benefits of Video Streaming with RSAplay

Video Streaming with RSAplay

There are a myriad of websites offering streaming services but your choice on which to use should always be an educated and informed one that are not only willing, but are capable of doing and keeping all the promises of services they offer. Encrypted  video streaming ,  audio streaming , torrent streaming are just a few of the ways in which many users can enjoy the functionalities this site has to offer. Encrypted video streaming is video streaming done securely, it involves more than just have a video streaming website and slapping on an SSL cert and access via https. Don’t get me wrong, I am not decrying https, it is very useful, but SSL just secures the connection between your device and the webserver or webservers. The encrypted side of things done properly can be really complicated, but what happens is when a file is chosen to be uploaded, it is encrypted even before reaching the rsaplay servers, and connection security provided by the SSL cert on all servers all communication to be un-tampered  when being sent back and forth. The encrypted file is then uploaded to our servers for streaming where it resides in encrypted storage hardware even when being played. This occurs because on the fly, developers have artfully used code logic and a bit of magic to make this happen, so end-users see no irregularities, or distinguishable features when a video player is streaming normal videos versus encrypted .The next is audio streaming, and much like video files, the audio file is uploaded , and sits in encrypted form (RSA 128) on our encrypted storage devices, and decrypted on the fly and streamed .Last but not least we have a feature soon to be released along with many more, is torrent streaming. We believe that this feature will be very impactful to many users with respect to its functionality and ease of use and portability. Torrents as we all should know is the number one way for users to get data, and accounts for more than 60% of  global internet traffic, so we believe torrent streaming feature is a step in the right direction for us. How this would would is either on the mobile, desktop or web application, you would click on the torrent section of the media gallery, and there you will be asked to enter the torrent file of the media you want to stream(this is important, because unless is it in a streamable state, then it cannot be played, meaning, it has to be either video, or music.)After you enter the URL to the torrent, our servers go out check the relevant information , starts downloading the file and while downloading, then encodes and then encrypts the media.

Video Streaming Torrents

Video Streaming Torrents


This is a new feature which RsaPlay has now added to its java based standalone client. This feature is widely accepted and requested. What is different about using RSAplay to torrent steam (just like video streaming) is that you can be anonymous when streaming, because rsaplay has a feature where you can upload, stream audio/video ,and stream torrents anonymously, and best thing of all is that this is all done in encrypted fashion. Consequently all video and audio are streamed and uploaded in secure form, where the channels are encrypted and the media itself is encrypted .Torrent video streaming isn’t as care free and innocuous as it used to be back in the day, today there are a lot of users getting cease and desist letters from owners of content and also from there ISP. But there are many who consider this risk worth it, and having apps like Torrent Time, which stream torrents from popular torrent site makes it all the more convenient. This feature can be done on most popular streaming sites, but rsaplay is the first to have security and anonymity entrenched in the technology, where users can not only upload, download and stream media in encrypted video streaming format, but also stream torrents. This feature is soon to be released and it should also be noted that there is another sweet nugget. While connected to the site via the browser or using the client for windows and mobile devices, android and IOS, one can enable a VPN feature which will mask the location of the end user. This is really over kill, because 1. Your traffic cannot be intercepted , because the communication channels are encrypted , 2. If the channel was to be breached, the contents could not be read by the third party because guess what? The content is encrypted, so this feature is really, for those of a paranoid nature, but that’s what makes this site great, it caters to all.


How it all works is that you fire up your client on your desktop or mobile device, and hit torrent stream. The application bar above the video player, asks you to enter the link to the torrent, what then happens is the video streaming  begins to play in about a few minutes. Why this delay happens is that behind the scenes after you enter the URL of the torrent the system then checks if there are enough seeders to actual present a successful presentation of the video. Then after this check passes, the servers then begin to download the video and after there is enough of the video downloaded depending on the size of the video itself, it will start playing in the video player. Of course this feature is available on a limited basis for unregistered users or registered users, where the time they have to watch a torrent is limited to 60miniutes per day, but for premium users, there is unlimited viewing potential across all platforms. Video streaming is the new wave as well as streaming video in encrypted format. Security is paramount for users on the internet, and rsaplay is moving in the right direction.


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