Online Video Streaming

Welcome to the age of Video Streaming, the society of instant gratification, on demand, encrypted video streaming the now generation . Gone are the days when you would have to schedule time out of your busy day to catch a live event by being present, or spend extra cash on media ( such as bluray, DVDs, ) and watching it being sedentary confined to one location unable to move because you might miss a part of what you are watching. Video Streaming and watching online makes it all possible from the comfort of your home to on the go people, from sports, movies, news, educational videos etc, on TV’s, laptop’s, desktop’s and mobile devices.

There are a myriad of video streaming services and while some are using ready made scripts, and just a clone of each other, there are some that are unique and custom made e.g youtubersaplay,vimeo .Youtube is the most popular, but there are some many sites out there that does the same thing and I do dare to say better. Better features design, and security, security is a prime motivator for user to gravitate towards a service and no one on the market does it better than rsaplay. Encrypted video streaming is the main focus of that web application even though they do all music .

On the topic of streaming, and online viewing, whether at home or on the move, there are a ton of options available to you, on a variety of platforms, some are expensive and some are at a good cost. Some may work with all your devices and have apps for your mobile ones, and others will just flat out only have web browsing. After searching the web, there are a lot of streaming sites which have security features, but be sure they offer what they say they do, and your privacy is indeed anonymous or secure.

In your evaluation, be sure to see if the sites meet the following criteria, streaming quality(how streaming the video looks , whether it has a range of quality values, 240p, 750p, 1080p ). Is the content you are watching original, yes, you can get into a lot of trouble for watching pirated content online, companies like the MPA, hunt you down, get your ip from the ISP and turn up and arrest you. How long the site has been around is also very important, because some sites have premium features and they charge and the last thing you want is to pay for a site and then 2 weeks later, they shutdown. How easy is the site to use, check out how many ways it has to upload, FTP, URL, browser upload or application, whether they have a mobile app, because everything is mobile now,

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