Old vs New content

In today’s fast paced world, we like convenience in all areas of our lives. One area we indulge in is TV shows and Movie watching. The convenience comes into play where we are accustomed to having video players embedded on websites, blogs and forums we frequent. In the past,we could not partake in such conveniences because of the speeds of the internet. Before we only had DIAL-UP internet which was only 56kbps, and streaming wasn’t possible because there just was not enough bandwidth to facilitate streaming.
Fast-forward a few years and here we are, a generation that love this on demand with the same convenience but more speed. From blazing internet speeds, videos embedded in our emails,movies on the go on all devices. You can find everything on the internet , from tutorials that teach you new skills, to from history lessons to cooking classes, streaming video resources are at our finger tips.We need things instantly, and our society is built around this, video is the most important way for us to consume information. It is fast, quick, scalable, concise and easy to distribute. In today;s world on all forms of internet communication, there has to be video , to not only give users information easily, but to statistically it is shown that, users are attracted to video and are more likely to gain more visitors and have better conversions for sales leads and more profits. Video is transcending the written words and it is the default for websites of all types to have video streaming or for more modern websites encrypted streaming video .

Wanna know how to start getting more visitors to your website? All you have to do, is add video content relevant to the website and topics being discussed. There are two ways in which you can accomplish this, you can choose to generate , curate and upload your own content securely to a cloud video encryption hosts and embedd the video onto your website and start attracting users. So if you chose this method you will have to have alot of time on your hands, because you will need at-least a few things as in hardware, you will need a camcorder to capture your video, then you will need a powerful computer to do some video editing There is another route, you can get your video from other sources , edit it and then embed it on your website. This is ofcourse the easier of the two, and the path of least resistance, but searching sites like youtube or other popular web hosts for videos would be just as effective.
So after you have your content, there is another issue, where do you put all the videos, do you hosts them on your website, or do you use and external source.Hosting on your server, can be easy and cuts the time to upload them to somewhere else, but uploading to somewhere else saves bandwidth cost in the long run, and then there is the matter of security you are faced to handle yourself, opposed to third party websites they have all the work to do.

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