Netflix Changing to Encrypted Video Streaming

Internet on a whole got some paradigm shifting news about video streaming today, that half of the Internet’s traffic will be encrypted by the end of this year 2016, a report published by many notable tech news organizations. Encryption and video streaming together makes encrypted video streaming which leads to better security, privacy and most importantly anonymity on the world wide web. Encryption, which is the method used to keep content of a digital nature obfuscated from all uninvited or eves-dropping individuals. The use of encryption isn’t something new and by additional reports it is used to protect over 30% traffic on the internet and by the end of this year, we will see that figure doubling or even trippling.

One big cause for this prediction and its bold outlook is because of NETFlix, the leading company responsible for a huge chunk of the internets traffic today, and with over some 40 million subscribers, netflix is the primer source for video streaming not just in the united states alone, but all over the world, this platform is ubiquitous in every sense boasting a compendium of over 10billion hours of video streamed in the past quarter of a year. Netflix accounts of over 1/3 of a streams(or downloads) in north America alone during prime time hours. ISPs all over the globe have branded the streaming service as a bandwidth hog, which explains the response of every news tech organization deemed it news worthy when the streaming giant announced a new standard that it will adopt which is to encrypt its traffic and now provide encrypted video streaming . In a letter to it shareholders, netflix outlined that it will make the move from HTTP to HTTPS. While noting that to make this change will be a substantial cost to the provider which would then be passed on to the customer(yet to be determined), they stated that in the interest of protecting the customers privacy it is imperative that.In contrast to other websites like netflix is choosing to encrypt just the connection made to its servers and , but the media remains in raw form. RSAplay encrypts both the connection to and from its servers as well as the media being streamed is also encrypted. While netfilx indeed has a point where streaming over https does offer some form of protection and privacy against prying eyes, there would be a better way which would be to encrypt everything, both the media or content being played as well as the connection being made to the servers; But this would present just more problems for the host as just changing from http to https is causing the company to upgrade its entire infrastructure primarily because of the added computational power which would be required by all the back end servers would be so grate, the current hardware just couldnt keep up and would crash in minutes.


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