Making money from encryption

We all know that most of these online host offer money for uploads, downloads or streams but it should also be pointed out that RSAplay the leader in cloud video encryption also offers a way in which law abiding uploaders with original and owned content can also make money. The system of which I speak is the encryption web application called pay-per-sale, where users/uploaders will earn 100% of the initial cost of the premium account bought by anyone which is derived from the link of the uploaders content. 100% means exactly that, all of the cost of the initial premium account which is bought goes to the uploader and then after, all sales will see the uploader getting 50% of the cost of any premium account bought from the same user as a subscription renewal. So with this encrypted streaming medium, you get all the advantages of all the video hosts, but with a much needed added layer of security and privacy brought on by the encryption methods which is used by this encrypted storage host .Not only is all your content encrypted ,which means no one can spy on your files, and all the channels which are used to upload are encrypted as well, so no one can use a sniffer and ease drop on your connection to see what is being uploaded, there is also an option where users can upload with the same emphasis on security as previously mentioned , anonymously. So not only is the communication channels between you and RSAplay protected, but your privacy is also guaranteed, no logs of any sort are kept and not registration or information is enter by the user. Below is a small spiel about what exactly is pay per sale and how it works .


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