Live Video Streaming

As we all know the CES recently happened, and there were many guest and guess who was there? Well yea, you guessed it. Fitted with a list of veritable pundits , the title of this years expo, was “Social Streaming: The video phenomenon of Everything”. Video Streaming will very soon be the fulcrum of disseminating information and main source of entertainment, it represents the ease and ubiquity of easily accessible technology and security through Encrypted Video Streaming .With new technology everywhere and coming out daily and sites like Facebook and Instagram is everywhere and streaming happens daily. On the panel were laureates such as R.Pruett Jnr from Al Roker entertainment, D.Berkowitz, C.Hansson, E.Shin, A.DeBevoise, S.Reosenbaum and the moderator being VP of Business Development and Marketing for Tublar Lab, Ms Allison Stern. With a great wealth of knowledge between all our panelist, the well attended session was entertained and awed by the answers, foresight and recommendations put forward by the guest.

From the guests panelist, the sheer breadth of info put forward was great. For example the CEO of MeerKat shared stats that they have over two million verified users in their database and growing steadily, from twitter, their application called Periscope has over 2 million daily hits from active users and mentioned that the amount of daily watched videos, if put into a yearly total will amount to over 40 years for one person to watch all that content. Facebook who is a leader in the social space is also getting into video streaming, and adding functionality integrated into its platform. One major point though was that live streaming, would be controlled by either a brands who have deep pockets to invest into a specific infrastructure thus propelling the cause by having many features, first to market and of high quality or by individuals and be about a social cause and advanced by a community.

Technology and times are changing, our nation is divided as it has always been, because people get old and others are born and grow up so we have a gap at all times and the issue is that some people think that “video streaming” they think of a live show or performance and when other think of the same video streaming they envision a more instantaneous prospect like watching something on Twitch,which is unscripted and raw.

Despite the disparate views of the panel, they were all in agreement that video streaming, is going to low up big and become so common place that it will change the way we view entertainment, but even though they agree on this fact, they don’t go as far as to prognosticate the mtethod or way in which it will happen.

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