Is encrypted Streaming Needed?

Video Streaming is the process of sending compressed content over a network infrastructure and that content is then displayed on the other end of the network on the viewers computer in real time, that is a high level representation of what is happening when video is streaming and that network can be LAN(local area Network) or WAN(Wide area network) which would be indicative of the internet. With encrypted video streaming the process works the same way but instead of the content being in plain of raw compressed format, content is encrypted and is then compressed for delivery across the network.

While there are other technologies that are responsible for a lot of the Internets traffic, the primary one being torrents which account for over 10% of the Internets traffic, it has dropped significantly over the years because of the rise and prevalence of video streaming. This form of consuming information from videos, movies, educational material has really becoming a driving force and cause for information on demand. Wherever and whenever video material can be access from whatever device and platform you are on, and all that is needed is a device with an internet connection., from sites like netflix, hulu, and youtube, all these media giants house billions of content which are at their users disposal. With this form of video delivery there are many other services that use this method to deliver private content , but this comes at a risk to the end user, because the content maybe illegal and because the channels of delivery is unsecure, then content can be sniffed and intercepted. Now there is a even more secure form of streaming is encrypted video streaming, so when a user is watching private content it cannot be sniffed and content stolen or even better, the ISP that is providing internet connection cannot spy on the traffic and see what the user is streaming. While there are not many services available for this form of streaming, but with all the breach in secure and need for privacy in today’s world, and with streaming services responsible for using of 60% of the Internets traffic the need for services that provide encryption to protect users privacy and anonymity are becoming more necessary.

With streaming video and encrypted video streaming gaining rise in popularity over the years , ofcourse with abuse and violations against legal content providers like Paramount, and DefJam, just to name a few, pertinent legal concerns will be raised because while streaming has become more easy to consume , pirated content also becomes more easy to ubiquitous. This is noticed a lot in googles takedown per month numbers growing to astronomical digits. With more and more features to be added to the roster of the most popular encrypted video streaming service available, we can expect a drastic rise in traffic as rsaplay does offer a service which we all can see ourselves using.With a mobile app release scheduled, encrypted torrent streaming being added and desktop application launching this week, lets stay tuned and watch as this needed service become a household name.

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