Is Cloud Encryption Necessary

Daily we hear a lot about privacy breaches and most times unsecure infrastructure is at the heart of these security vulnerabilities. Fortunately there are encryption software and services which utilize Cloud Encryption to secure and protect your data/information
We are in the advent of the cloud and cloud technologies, everything is stored in cloud, but there are only a handful of cloud services which encrypt their user’s data and protect their privacy thought anonymity. There are even cloud enterprise services such as rsaplay, which offer encrypted video streaming , where your data, data streams and playback are all encrypted and uses a high level of security to prevent breaches and leaked content. With hackers inventing new ways daily to circumvent security, data stored in the cloud is becoming more and more and enticing target, and likewise security and protection for that content and the servers hosting it becomes increasingly important. In a most recent report between 2012 to 2014, there has been at least 400 plus hacker attacks that were successful, and it is believed that the unreported cases would drive this number to an astronomical amount. A statement issued from the ITRC(Identity Theft Resource Center) in the last 6 mths, 30% of breaches to infrastructure security happens to data within a cloud environment, and to make matters worse, security analyst suggest that this trend of security breach will only increase and that record high number will be a thing of the past.
Casualties from security breaches can be vast to say the least, we only have to look at recent major hacks i.e sony studios leaked emails, to see how disruptive such violations can become. Prevent such incidents can be prevented with encrypted data as the default standard (not only with encryption, because of course, the education of human element in this equation plays a ever increase importance) and encrypted channels by which users use to store the data. It is hard for some sites and services already in existence to just change to a more secure way of housing and streaming data, because for this to be done, a whole rewrite of code, needs to take place, which can be really expensive and result in downtime. This is why sites like rsaplay are becoming more and more popular, because of its security model from inception along with its ease of use and stability.
So is there a solution? Yes, Educate humans who are interacting with the system and also encrypt, encrypt encrypt. Encrypt everything, and for your protection only use services that encrypt your channels, encrypted cloud storage , and encrypted data streaming. You will just kick yourself if you don’t, because from leaked personal information to leaked personal/private content encrypted video host and cloud services offers peace of mind that your data is safe and you can rest easy. Many services may claim to offer this service, but please do some research, due diligence is a must before trust the cloud with your memories and personal media. Make sure the channels (connection to the website and servers) are encrypted, make sure your data stored on the cloud storage is in encrypted format, read TOS, contact the support, find out how this is done.

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