How it all began

Over some 20 years ago, the telephone line started made its debut into ours homes after the telephone was developed by Alexander Bell .It was an invention which solved the problem of not being able to communicate with friends in long distances. The prosaic premise of this idea has not changed much despite many advancements in technological are feature of the phone. Since the 21st century, the phone lines which enabled communication to be possible are now being thought about differently, and are being used for broadband internet connections, voip connections, downloading music video streaming, encrypted video streaming and more. Streaming Video(simply just downloading video in chunks and playing the chunks automatically to allowing playing video over the internet) and Encrypted video streaming (which is the same as video streaming but in an encrypted form and the videos are decrypted on the fly and played in real time) has become more common in today’s day and age, we can stream videos online from our desktop computer, and even mobile devices, gone are the days of downloading and requiring a lot of storage to house files. Streaming offers both convenience, because we can now consume media on the go via our mobile devices, and also efficiency because we no longer have to wait for videos to download to watch them or spend money on buying premium accounts in order to download them from various file hosts.
With broadband connections available the concept of communication has not changed, but advancements in technology has definitely changed, now we can stream even torrents in encrypted form as well and all this can be accomplished without having to open a web browser, because RSAplay has a java application through which all functionality can accomplished. It does all of this also with the concept of security and privacy in mind, because through the software your anonymity and privacy of the files being uploaded and downloaded or streamed is protected.


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