Features of Video Streaming

Video Streaming or encrypted video streaming is the future, and it is so, because of our incessant need for content, and not just any content, but fresh, new, in high definition, at our figure tips, uninterrupted by ads and available anywhere on any device. This is the basis why streaming has become so popular, and as we have written about before about video streaming and encrypted video streaming , there are features that users will tend to gravitate towards and bring a lot of traffic to you website or business. We touch on briefly about the quality , speed, convenience which should be offered by a streaming service if you wish for it to become popular, but I’ll go into a bit more detail on the some of the advanced features that users are requesting for a video streaming web application to have. From the survey of online users, the most important feature a streaming host should have is that it should be able to be accessed from anywhere, and any device. Syncing should also be a feature which is available but it isn’t found to be an obligatory request or a deal breaker. What this provides is that mobile users will be able to consume content where ever they are and since most users have a smart phone which are becoming more and more powerful, with fast internet speeds this means that mobile users can get a smart device and unlimited data, or a substantial plan that will enable them to stream media seamlessly from their app on a phone. The next feature that will set your web application apart is the power of torrent streaming, this feature is new and not a lot of sites are doing it because of how complicated and resource intensive it actually is to provide a service which is flawless quality and speed in its offering of this feature. Coupled with the ability to watch on the go through mobile devices, if a user can log in to the application on their phone and paste in the location to a torrent, or if the user is able to visit a popular torrent site and download the torrent or magnetic link and then have the streaming service application open and instantly start to video stream . With encrypted video streaming, if that feature can be done as well guaranteeing the users anonymity, security and privacy, then that website would also attract users in droves. For many reasons, users have become extremely hesitant in using websites, and being online. With high frequency we hear on the news about user’s identity being stolen, or their privacy compromised. The web app which offers mobile application, and a way to secure streams through encryption and decrypt those streams on the fly will be a monopoly in the market, because many users have the need to upload personal videos to back up in the cloud and the need as well to access that content on the go and when in its encrypted form.

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