End to End Encryption Securing video

A huge feature that RSAplay engages in as a source for encrypted video streaming, is E2EE which means End-to-End Encryption. E2EE is essentially the method of communication or broadcast where the channels being used to transmit data are encrypted and prevent third parties from intercepting any information while in transit from one end system or device to another.In end to end encryption all the data on the senders side and allows for only the recipient to decrypt and receive the end result whether it is a message, video or music. The beauty of this system is that nobody betwixt RSAplay and the client ISP, a hacker or even RSAPlay themselves can read or tamper with communication.
The keys used for cryptography in the scenario used to encrypting and decrypting media and its channels are exclusively stored on both parties systems, this ofcourse is more popularly known as public key encryption taken from RSA encryption algorithm. Cryptographers have stated that even though the swapping of keys involved in the utilization of RSA encryption method, there are still two main foibles which the RSA method has which are outside the purview of numeratic aspect of the algorithm .We are about to explore a situation which is hypothetical but in the interest of being objective we will speak on the possibility. For RSA encryption and decryption to take place , both parties would need access to the others public key and it is when this exchange is happening a man in middle attack could happen and infiltration occurring.Since RSAplay encrypts all communication and all data using is java based web application is sent in encrypted form then the attack is moot.
A question was asked to CEO Jeff Gordon on RSAplays rise to prominence and its encryption model, and inquiring statement begged a response to “My web application already uses HTTPS, so isn’t my communication and data passed over that communication secure?”, Sadly this isn’t correct, true encryption cannot be obtained via HTTPS because in most cases only the webserver is handling the HTTPS, the link from to the webserver or or database server is in plain text, if the webserver is compromised a simple sniffing tool could intercept all the data, which is the main reason why end-to-end encryption .The purpose of E2EE acts as a veneer and solves this issue.

Advantages of RSAplay:
360 Security – Everything is encrypted including your media (mp3,avi etc) and also the channels which pass along that data being https.
Ease of use – RSAplay has a java application which can be installed on most machines and a mobile app in development.
Light Weight and efficient processing – Data is converted and encrypted with amazing speed and efficiency using RSA 2048bit encryption
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