Encryption to thwart piracy

In recent news, a host of newly released movie screeners were pirated / stolen from a secure facility and leaked unto the internet costing millions if not billions in revenue potential .Yes, I do realize I said potential, but its not a stretch to believe that movies from greats like Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith and Brian Cranston, would be box office cash cows. Such movies like “The Revenrant”, “Concussion” DVD versions were all leaked this week, causing Hollywood to be livid, and issuing not only take-down notices to Google and other popular websites hosting on a massive scale, but also threats of litigation if cease and desist notices were not complied with in a timely manner. This happening just before Christmas as well, definitely puts a damper on some top executives holidays. But could this all be prevented? Is it time to wake up and see what encryption and can do to safeguard against such losses ? When will sites offering encrypted video streaming and encrypted storage be utilized more as default for both privacy, anonymity and a measure to circumvent theft , and piracy.

Websites like RSAplay have no barriers to which users can attribute negating its use, because not only does it have a wide variety of features it also offers the same features , user offerings if not more that all or most of the popular websites today. With storage of 250GB for free and anonymous users , unlimited for premium users ,and unlimited upload and download speeds for all users across the board, it can truly be a place of utopia for all willing to try. As we have already spoken about how this novel video security web application works, we wont go into much detail, but as a way to circumvent all the piracy which happening over the Christmas season, it should be pointed out that if the movie execs where using a cloud video security platform , then all files would have been encrypted, so if the hackers did manage to circumvent the peripheral security, and get their hands on all the quality screener copies , then it would be of little use to them as they would all be encrypted, and would be completely useless without the key pair to decrypt the file. RSAplay especially, utilizes a 2048bit encryption. RSA key pair to both encrypt and decrypt each file it encodes, so not only would the screeners be completely safe they would be able to be played on all forms for devices, from mobile to desktop, offering both flexibility and security. RSAplay also offers a nifty feature that incase the file is compromised and the key is also compromised then the file itself can be “re-keyed” , so a new key is generated for that video file and the pirates would have no way to decrypt the file because the old key is rendered useless.

Encryption and encrypting all we do is the future and some companies have realized that, but there are others as in any area or facet of life who are slow adapter.

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