Encryption Security How RSAplay helps

In today’s world where would we be without the tools that afford us privacy. It is not clearly stated in the constitution, but I believe it is intrinsically tied to the freedom of speech act. We are human beings, and we live on this earth , and to make that existence congenial, we have rules. These rules not only keep us engage and define the limits with which we can co-exist and interact. To protect this freedom we have developed myriad of ways to secure sensitive information which we share on commercial platforms..example, SSL , RSAkey pairs etc. When we use the internet to buy goods, as most of us do today, we may sometime not even notice, but the connection is encrypted, simply look for the HTTPS which means (hyper text transfer protocol secure) , which is the opposite of HTTP which means (hyper text transfer protocol)this connotes a more secure version of the protocol where information being over an encrypted communication so if information is intercepted then the information cannot be read without decryption.

On RSAplay, there is encryption being used to protect the content being uploaded and content being downloaded, nothing passes through the application that is not in some form of cipher text. RSAplay application is also the easiest way for anyone to upload and share content all with always on privacy. This is the most important feature on this novel website, the fact that all information is received and delivered in a form which is 100% encrypted. For media communication this method of communication is not only novel, and in its incipient stages, but streaming using various technologies like HLS to stream in its secure/encrypted form is welcomed, because in this industry is where we find piracy at its highest.

So how can RSAplay protect against or help thwart piracy ? This can be easily seen by how users are able to upload and share files. First method which can be used to circumvent piracy is website authentication. This works when a user uploads a file, they can set the website where the files are to be downloaded from, and then the files can only be uploaded , downloaded or streamed from that website. This is a good way for user content generators ,up-loaders, directors and any person or persons creating content to share media and have it disseminated but in a secure and restricted manner all over encrypted channels and in secure format.

The other way user content generators can have their files safely and secure is through country restriction , so this means, that a producer of any content, can have their media delivers to specific countries only or even negate countries where piracy are profound.

The last but not least way for secure delivery which rsaplay uses, is via ip-address restriction , this mans that a up-loader can further restrict the delivery of their content to certain blocks , areas or subsets of the internet .This is a nifty feature and in combination with all the above methods can help prevent and abridge piracy in a both proactive and reactive fashion.

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