encryption in the cloud

Lets talk about schools and how RSAplay can help to maintain privacy of videos captured or how to thwart the action of piracy of class videos which teachers have made for students only .A student at Harvard university was interviewed about her recent experience with rsaplay and how using the web application using cloud video encryption can aid in delivering encrypted streaming video which guarantees security and privacy for Sarah who is a TA (teaching assistant) .This technology not only proves useful in the education industry at hardvard but also in government agencies as well. Also movie industries that are plagued with piracy , costing the industry millions upon millions of dollars in lost revenue can benefit greatly. In recent news the movie mad and produced by Sylvester Stallone called “The Expendables” was leaked through unauthorized means and consequently the movie industry lost millions of dollars.This could have been prevented if the movie industry had used RSAplay to stream encrypted video , and as a result the movie which is encrytped with RSA key pairs 2048 bit would not be accessible without a RSA public key .The video below explains the process.

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