Encryption for streaming

Encrypted video streaming, is the more secure version of video streaming, a protocol which has been used for years to spread information in a fast and efficient manner. Video streaming can be used for many things and is the leading cause for majority of the world’s internet traffic. Gone are the days when users used to download movies, or TV shows and playback on their computer or stream it from their home media center to their televisions. Now is all about consumption on the GO, and watching vines, TV-shows, movies, listening to music, is all consumed steaming, to laptops, desktops, or even mobile devices, no matter the platform , it can be streamed to. And because of this companies who make advertisements are now cutting back on the big TV budget which would be used toward paying for broadcast advertisements and now focusing more on online ads, or digital online marketing campaigns,primary because there is a trend in how users all around the world view media, its all via video streaming applications. It is with this very fact in mind that RSAplay has come out with a online video application that offers the same functionality and features of regular sites with video streaming capabilities but using methods like encryption which makes the entire process 100 times more secure, as well offering along with it anonymity but best of all, it gives the best of both worlds and prevent uncle Sam, or even your local ISP for spying on your content or sniffing your packets to find out what you are actually doing.

You see before anything is upload to RSAplay server, the video , music or any media is encoded and encrypted on spot and then is automatically uploaded to our server, during the uploaded process, data it is impossible to intercept or snoop on the connection with the hopes of redirecting or spying to see what is being uploaded or download or even streamed online. And even if the information was to be intercepted then there still would be no way for the content to be deciphered because it is in encrypted format. RSAplay is also on the cutting edge of technology and offers the very first encrypted torrent streaming functionality, whereby users can come, enter a torrent media link and in just a few moments, have the torrent streamed in encrypted form protecting both the users privacy and offering anonymity due to the fact that the connection is also encrypted.

Some new features that the site is working on are even to have the java application be a mirror for the site, so all the functionality, features and user experience that is gained from using the website, will be able to be experienced from desktop, or even mobile devices. From this powerful app, anyone anc download it from the app store right unto their phone and then upload and stream in encrypted fashion, or not log in and upload and stream anonymous and using encryption , and the same goes for any platform that is available today. The software will be release very soon, stay tuned.

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