Encryption for security

In the recent presidential election debate for the republican party, a major topic of conversation was the tragic incidents which happen 2 weeks ago involving mass shootings in a school. These senseless and heinous acts of terror were carried out by radical extremist group. As national security is a major hot topic right now the candidates took time to address the issue and all sited the reason whey law enforcement agencies were unable to intercept the messages being exchanged by these criminals, is because of encryption .Everyone who knows this blog and what we are about will know that encryption primarily encrypted media, more specifically encrypted media streaming is the “mo-dis operand i” we espouse to.

Ok, so no one will ever die or get hurt on anywhere near the scale of the tragedy of what happened on the day of the mass shootings, but lets face it, privacy is also a serious concern, and the only real way to protect it, is through encrypted means. This measure is so, strong that the top agencies belonging to the global superpower which is the United States of America, were unable to thwart it, so imagine how well it will work for you making a concerted effort by choosing to use cloud based encrypted platforms through which to store your data. One such cloud based encryption storage is rsaplay , a Cloud Video Encryption service which offers 100% encrypted streaming on anything sent and received from their platform. The only drawback I can find is that you cannot upload all types of files on rsaplay, you are restricted to only media content, which basically is your movies or videos or music( those files which has extensions avi, mkv, mov, mp3 etc, you get the drill) but hey, I consider is a secure version of youtube( which does the same thing, but with no security because all your files are unencrypted so they can be seen, copied by anyone at anytime) .Even though no other video host can compare to YouTube at the moment, there are a multitude of them out there offering more features for free, along with the same benefits as YouTube, for example, lets do some comparisons.

RSAplay, offers free storage space of 250GB for registered users with a max upload size of 1024mb, it offers unlimited ephemeral storage to preserve anonymity with a max of 250gb, for premium users ,the space is unlimited with a max upload size of 2000mb. While I am currently unaware of the storage offerings of yoututbe for free users, I am quite sure they do not allow all users to upload a size of 1GB, they do not allow users to upload content anonymously and most important of all they stream media unencrypted.

YouTube, does offer payment for popular videos by way of their PayPer Views schema they have going on. Rsaplay, does not have a pay per view tier system, but they do have a pay per sale

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