Encryption Explained

With the availability of so much media at out disposal from a variety of sources, Television,Internet , mobile devices etc, the more we have access to these sources is the more media(music,video) become important and have a torrid influence on our lives. Streaming of these media is the easiest way for information to be share , and because of this, there are may malicious ways which hackers have put in place to corrupt media, and the devices we watch or listen them from .

What is of major concern to computer scientist and security specialist is the explosive advent of media applications with which we use to play our media and these applications don’t possess the option to secure our media. Many ideas have been put forth , but they simply just offer too many cons that would make the viewing experience horrible thus making the venture worthwhile, until now, there are sites like which offer encrypted streaming video .Explained below are some of the encryption methods and their shortcomings are talked about below.
1) Tang.L method – Is a way to decrypt and encrypt MPEG video with a good amount of efficiency. But the issue with this encryption method is that after the process the encrypted video increases in size exponentiation-ally and the video after encryption is still vulnerable to attack.
2)Qiao L method – This is a newer algorithmic process for MPEG video encryption, it will use less resources and time to convert, but it does not correlate information of video frames , therefore hackers can easily duplicate the video.
3)Alattar and Al-Regib Method -This method of encryption selects the video frames in various order and encrypts them. This method is quite secure and and resist most attacks.
4) This is sequence encryption method which is fundamentally based on ECECOW(embedded conditional entropy coding wavelet coefficients).It basically achieves good security from its method of compressing the video images along with ECEC(embedded conditional entropy coding) and encrypts what is compressed.
5) Romolotti RG method -Cryptography architecture which achieves very high output for multimedia encryption, the encryption method is both simplistic and secure.
6) Alattar AM and 7) Teixeira L method both secure the information in the MPEG video header only.This is very ineffective due to the fact that the header information is non-vital and can be decrypted easily
8) Yen JC Method – This is based on deriving encryption and decryption from a chaotic key-based design for image .The structure of the system is based on the hardware being used but it does not specify any time or cost estimations.
9)Sobhy Method – This is where video information is encrypted by the Lorenz chaos system, this method is rarely used because it is slow and inefficient.
10) F. Chiaraluce Method – This is a brand new chaotic algorithm for video encryption , this was derived from code which pretty much guaranteed transmission in real time at 25 frames per second of all image transfers coming from the video source.
RSAplay is the video host which utilizes various method of encryption which is a trade secret, but all users can rest asured that their data is 100% encrypted and safe utilizing stable secure and innovative methods.

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